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Monday, September 3, 2012

Paid Advertorial : Elegant, Stylish Clothes for Less!

When shopping for the right outfit, there are three factors that a girl notices about before making a purchase :
- style : it has to catch her eye
- quality and comfort : good quality materials last longer than poor ones, and comfort is key as comfortable outfits help increase the level of confidence in every girl
- price : it has to be affordable, unless, well, its a designer tog

The founders of Forminz Collection know that a girl has to look stylish in quality, comfortable clothes, and thus, the slogan
 "Forminz ; the true colour of style and elegance for a vibrant you". 

With a variety of designs to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice!
What's more, they are also affordable! 
Imagine, two gorgeous dinner dresses for RM100 or less! How fab is that! :)

Currently, Forminz has two collections.

Their first collection, Collection 1, features stylish on-trend designs such as asymmetrical hem dresses, skater dresses, printed tops and dresses, and many more!

Here are some of our favourite picks from Collection 1 :

Pleats asymmetrical dress in grey, RM59
(After 10% : RM53.10 with postage!)

Asymmetrical hem dresses, or uneven hem dresses are currently a huge fave for fashionistas worldwide!
Show off them sexy legs in this elegant, pretty dress!
What's more, the pleated skirt gives the dress a boho feel. We like!

Sleeveless back striped chiffon top in maroon , RM42
(after 10% : RM37.80 with postage!)

Back-striped tops are so fashionable now, we want a piece of them too! 
Perfect when paired with high-waisted skirts or shorts, this top is ideal for those who want to dress simple and look fashionable at the same time. 

Spotted fine pleats 3/4 sleeves dress in peach, RM59
(After 10% : RM53.10 with postage!)

This dress is so elegant, its even fit for royalty.
With its gorgeous pleated skirt and quality chiffon material, this dress exudes class and style.
Perfect to wear when meeting the parents. 
You'll achieve high style points for sure! 

Geometric tank dress in pink, RM36
(after 10% : RM32.40 with postage!)

We simply adore this pretty prints dress.
Its so versatile, it can be worn from day to night.
We would definitely wear this to class, paired up with comfy sweaters.
For night, we would wear this on its own before hitting the clubs!
Compliments? Yes!

Mesh dress with bird prints in blue, RM59
(After 10% : RM53.10 with postage!)

Its time to bring out the doll in you with this sweet heart shape mesh dress!
We adore the bird print design on this dress ; it adds a pretty touch to the dress.
Pair this up with Oxfords and head over to the fun fair with your friends for a wonderful time out! 

Stripes asymmetrical dress in black, RM49
(after 10% : RM44.10 with postage!)

This dress totally caught our eyes as we browsed through their website.
Stripes? Check.
Asymmetrical hem? Check.
Stylish? Double check!
Be the talk of the town with this gorgeous yet elegant dress!
You gotta own a piece of this now!
We know we would! ;)

Fiona high waist shorts in orange, RM39
(after 10% : RM35.10 with postage!)

High waisted shorts help 'elongate' your legs.
In other words, they help the wearer look taller. 
As the weather is heating up, there is no better excuse than to get a piece of this in bright colors!
It's time to have some fun! 

Crotchet lace double layer chiffon top in black, RM45
(after 10% : RM40.50 with postage!)

If you are a huge fan of magazines like Vivi like us, you will notice that this top is currently an ongoing huge trend amongst women in Japan.
Look cute and elegant in this top!
We adore its lace collar as well as its elegant flowing chiffon.
Perfect for work and play.

Ribbon belt in pink, RM29
(after 10% : RM26.10 with postage!)

A weaved belt that has a cute ribbon and cool tassels?
We want!
Every girl has to own at least one belt, be it normal or skinny belts.
We would pair this up with a little black dress to be worn during outings with friends. :D

Tracy skater dress in cobalt blue, RM59
(After 10% : RM53.10 with postage!)

This lovely skater dress took the world by storm last year when it was spotted on celebrities like Cheryl Cole, Lucy Hale and Kim Kardashian. 
We dub this dress as a classic piece, and therefore, we believe every fashionista has to own a piece as it is perfect for any sort of occasion or event.
We have spotted this exact same dress in Forever21 and Topshop, and trust us, the pricing (RM59) is like, half of what you pay if you shop at those stores!

Lace babydoll petite dress in white, RM56
(after 10% : RM50.40 with postage!)

Look like a darling in this sweet and lovely lace dress.
We love the intricate lace details, and also its pretty babydoll detail.
We'd definitely pick this for prom!

Emily chiffon skorts in salmon, RM42
(after 10% : RM37.80 with postage!)

We are a huge fan of skorts right now!
They are so stylish and comfortable to wear, we'd wear them daily!
Pair this with a classy chiffon long sleeves top to wear them to formal events or with a sleeveless tank top for casual wear.

Wait, that's not all! There are more than 30 designs available for collection 1!
Told you you'll be spoilt for choice!
They also have jumpsuits, more belts, more asymmetrical hem dresses, you'll go crazy like we did!

Collection 2 is more of a classic collection, as it features gorgeous designs such as peplums, bodycons, lace and many more!

Here are some of our favourite picks :

Lace skorts in cream, RM49
(after 10% : RM44.10 with postage!)

Yup, we know we have reviewed this before.
And we do not mind reviewing it again!
We simply adore this lace skort.
We think this is one classic piece every girl should own.

Pleated shoulder bodycon dress in black, RM56
(after 10% : RM50.40 with postage!)

Look like a diva in this dress as you head out to the club and hit on the dance floor!
We adore its power pleated shoulder design, not to forget the sexy bodycon details!
We'd dance the night away, you should too! 

Peplum top in pink, RM36
(after 10% : RM32.40 with postage!)

This is a definite must-have piece!
Peplum tops are so on-trend right now, they are perfect for both classes and parties.
Dress down and pair this top with shorts or skinnies, or dress up and pair this with high waisted skirt!
Either way, you're guaranteed to wow!

Embroidered lace back cardigan in yellow, RM49
(after 10% : RM44.10 with postage!)

This cardigan is both feminine and classy, and is ideal to keep you warm and fashionable under cold air-conditioned temperatures.
What's more, the alluring lace back design captures elegance in every way, and it'll make any outfit paired with look expensive, if you know what we mean!

Abigail printed blouse in peach, RM49
(after 10% : RM44.10 with postage!)

Ruffled blouses help emphasize your bust area, thus making them appear bigger.
Look dainty in this sweet ruffled blouse.
We also adore the pretty prints on this blouse. ;)

Studded collar shirt with metal tip in white, RM49
(after 10% : RM44.10 with postage!)

We think this top is stylish and unique.
Metal tips are currently on trend, and studs as well.
We also like the lovely mesh details.
We predict this is going to be the trend for next season! 

Soft denim shirt in light blue, RM49
(after 10% : RM44.10 with postage!)

Denim tie up shirts are one of our favourite wardrobe staples.
We love wearing them with bandeau tops, so that we could expose our belly. ;)
The one thing we love about this top is that you can wear it any way, and still look amazing!

Hearts button loose top in pink, RM59
(After 10% : RM53.10 with postage!)

We adore this lovely chiffon top!
We love the heart shape buttons, they add a sweet touch to it.
Perfect when worn to the park in the afternoon, or to gatherings.

That's not all!
As Forminz Collection is currently holding their grand opening, YOU are entitled to these wonderful and exciting privileges!
Not only you will get 10% off storewide, you will also get free postage!
(we have included the prices of each outfits after the 10% discount, so you need not waste time calculating!)
We are already sold! 
Just remember to enter the code 'forminz10' when you checkout! ;)

ALSO, Facebook people!
'Like' Forminz Collection on Facebook here :
for more exciting promos and updates!

Click here to head over to Forminz Collection to grab yourself some lovely goodies now!

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