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Monday, October 26, 2009

10 Things I Love This Season! (Chapter 1)

Ok, so I have to admit. This time it's not "10 Things I Love Tis Season", but "20 Things I Love Tis Season". -.- Ignore the title!
So yea, reason? I got too excited by just staring at the clothes and stuff! I want all! Lols!
Which is why, I've decided to post a "10 Things I Love Tis Season" post, every week! So ok, it's not every season, but every week. -.- again.
Anyway, back to me. :)
Here are some of the random things I found in 10 blogshops this week, but they all come in pairs. Lols sounds nice, no? More things to feast your eyes on! Woots!
Totally Rihanna inspired! Loving the leopard prints! They are so HOT this week, babes!;)
This fab dress has cross back details (I like!), and it's great for girls who love to show off their curves! ;)
Available in two wild colours, you can get this at I Heart This! at RM50 each! Woots!
Yesssss, I love charm bracelets! So IN my list!
You can pair up this charm bracelet with the leopard dress above if you want. ;)
Loving the heart charm and the slipper charm. Cute!
Selena Gomez and Hilary Duff would love this! ;)
Get this from Ryl Designs at RM23 only!

I love the lock and key kind of thing. They are so HOT this season! ;)
According to some people's beliefs, the key represents maturity for a young woman. :)
Interesting, no?
Well, get yours today in a form of a necklace!
Also from RylDesigns, you can grab this at RM21 each!

Yellow is so IN this season!
Loving the sunshine look. Makes everyone look cheerful. ;)
Loving the jewelry inspired details of this dress. :)
Jewelry-inspired necklines are so hot right now!
Celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Claire Danes are spotted wearing them!
Priced at RM55, you can grab this at The It Girl. ;)
Ooooh who says florals are out of this season?
I find them totally hot and pretty! ;)
Vanessa Hudgens would love this!
At Phat Culture, you can get this dress at RM45 each! :)
I find high-waisted body hugging skirts really gorg!
Kim Kardashian is seen wearing something like this! ;)
Pair this with a black tube like the one showed above and you're good to party or wow everybody in your office!
Remember the blazer though (if you're in the office) ;)
Get this at RM35 from Lamoreux!

Polka dots are really cute!
Makes every girl look innocent. ;)
Loving the bubble dress details too!
From Lamoreux, you can own this at RM30 each!
Oooh what did I say about body-hugging togas?
Demi Lovato is seen wearing something like this! ;)
Show off your curves the right way with these!
From Ladies Fashion, this dress costs RM34 each!
Lace leggings.
Bring out the sex siren in you!
Dita Von Teese would love this. ;)
From The It Girl, get this at RM33!
Oooh studs!
Loving the drape details. ;)
Available in four colours (one sold), get this at RM34 from Ladies Fashion!
Blazers! A total must if you're office wear ready.
As seen on Kate Moss, this blazer is totally cool to wear to office or college. :)
Grab this from Phat Culture at RM47 each! comes with a free speg top!
Omg, isn't this dress just classy?
Totally romantic for the evenings, this dress has a pretty gold ring detail; elegant!
Also, loving the fact that it is bra-padded! ;O
So Lauren Conrad-inspired, no?
Grab this from I Heart This! at RM40 only! Worth it! ;)
Not to forget a must-have, patterned maxis. ;)
Loving the details of this dress.
Halters are so HOT!
Grab this from Doublewoot at RM50 each!
Ahhh, away from clothes, now to our hair.;)
Our crowning glory plays an important role in our lives; they make or break our look too!
Dying for gorgeous hair like Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Bilson?
Grab this hair mask from D Mask at RM7 per bottle!
It's imported from overseas, what more could you ask for?
Rebonding silk creams make our hair look shiny and stylish. ;)
This baby is imported too!
Grab this from D Mask at RM10 per bottle!
Polka dotted cardis are so cute!
Celebrities like Katy Perry would love this!
Grab this from Dizzly Dressy now at RM29 each!

I find this high waisted pants hot. ;)
Loving the tie dyed details. :)
Jessica Alba would love this!
What's more, it comes with a free black top!
From Dizzly Dressy, you can get this at RM36 only!
Florals..who doesn't love them?
Leighton Meester would love these!
Lovely! ;)
Grab this from Doublewoot at RM44 each!
Ooooh Gucci inspired bags!
Loving this detail! ;)
Comes with a complementary Gucci satin scarf too! Hot, no?
Something Mischa Barton would carry. :)
Grab this from coco goddess at RM199 each!
(another review here)
Well, that's all for now. Grab them before it's gone! ;)
And remember, beware of the paparazzis! They're out to find you..

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