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Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Love It! : BF Shirts, Little Black Dress, Chunky Rings, and More!

Hello babes!
As you know, all of us have been crazy over leopard prints, BF shirts, chunky accessories, not to forget the all must-have little black dress; timeless! :)
I've been online shopping for quite some time and I've spotted these celebrity buys! Let's check them out, shall we?
pictures credits to the net. :)

Now now, we know Vanessa H for being a style queen, no? She looks great all the time!
Bet ya all know she loves to accessorize too! ;)
Like Vanessa, accessories are a MUST! No accessories; boring! :(
Chunky rings are a must have these season. Just look at them! They make us stand out can?
I'm totally loving the chunky ring above. Just look at the design; it has this tribal pattern on it! Pretty, no?
You have a variety to choose from at Zen Jewelleries. ;)
RM25 each. :)
Oh yeah, it's Blair Waldrof, or Leighton Meester, if you prefer. ;)
As you know, the hair band trend seems to keep coming (among my friends) ever since they watched Gossip Girl. :)
Queen Blair revived the trend of hair bands, no? ;)

Instead of opting for plain hair bands, why not pick these?
They are so lovely! Definitely Blair material. ;)Get this from Wunder-Akkordarbeit at RM30-RM35 each! Woots! :)

Leopard prints! Just check them out on Kim K's skirt! Me like! ;)
Leopard prints are hot this season, and so are rara skirts! ;)
Loving this from L`amoreux at RM30 each!
Pair this with a plain tee if you'd like to look casual college style, or a tube if you feel flirty! ;)

Oooh! Celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Amber Rose and Lily Allen are all spotted in two-tone high waisted dresses!;)
Classy and casual, these high-waisted goods are cool for a day out in the park!
Now you can look cool too, with this dress from L`amoreux!
The one on the left, grey in color..isn't it pretty?
Pair this up with chunky heels and a bag and you're good to hit the malls!
Price for this dress, you ask? Well, only RM26! Woots!

BF Shirts are a must-have in every girl's wardrobe! Loving how MK rocked the BF Shirt. :)
This is what I call style with class. ;)

Now you can rock the BF shirt trend too!
Get this classy shirt from Not Quite Vintage at RM40!
Pair this with skinny jeans or sexy liquid leggings and you're good to go!

Omg, polka dots! Remember the song,
"Itsi teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini"? ;)
Katy Perry and Audrina Patridge are going retro with them polka dotties!

This polka dotted bikini is so Katy Perry inspired! ;)
Look exactly like the "I Kissed" star with this hot number!
Grab it from Our Beauty Diary at RM59 each. Worth it! ;)

This one totally looks like the bikini Audrina is wearing. (the top, I mean.)
Also, it's so Katy Perry-inspired no?
Loving the skirt detail!
Retro can never look so good!
From Our Beauty Diary, you can look hot in this with only RM59. ;)

Not looking for bikinis? Or bikinis aren't your thing?
Grab this pretty dress instead!
Loving the cute polka details.
From L`amoreux, this dress cost only RM35!
I love tube dresses!
This one piece wonder's so hot, no?
Loving it! Totally Audrina-inspired, babes!
Get it from Our Beauty Diary at RM59!
This swimsuit is IN!
When I say, "Beware of paparazzis, I do not mean Lindsay Lohan." :)
Loving her outfit here! Chic and cool. ;)
Now you can dress like Lilo too.
Grab this bag from Do Not Bleach, together with a hoodie jacket, sunglasses, tube top (I love!) and leggings (I love!) and look like the actress herself!
Price for the bag? RM41 only! Loving it's chic look. ;)
Ashley Greene looks gorgeous in this set up. ;)
Now you can copy her look with this from Enchanted Wardrobe! ;)
At RM33 each, you can pair this pretty top with a sleeveless top, together with skinny jeans and booties! ;) (Preferably Oxfords) :)
Ahh, the little black dress.
What did I tell you?
It is a must have!
Angelina Jolie looks hot in this little black dress. :)
Now get one yourself from Do Not Bleach!
Price? RM39!
Add RM9 if you want the waist clincher too. :)
Oooh, what's more it's a tube dress! I love tube dresses! Lols.
That's it folks!
Come on, click on the links. You can't resist. ;)
Beware of paparazzis!

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