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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Let's Hear It For Audrina! (Part I)

I'm sure many of you have watched Sorority Row, no?
You might remember her as Megan, the girl who got killed at the beginning of the movie.
Unless, you are afraid of horror movies like me (I got the information above through the net, thank you.) then you will know her somewhere, say, The Hills? ;)
Her name; Audrina Patridge.
As you can see, Audrina's style is all about showing some skin; not too much as it can go the wrong way.
So girls, it's about leather and the colour black this season! Woots!
I find this look more appropriate for the beach look. ;)
Style yourself like Audrina's with a pair of checkered top, a bikini and yes, minis.
Instead of a red checkered top, why not a ruffled black top?
Worried it may not be able to be runched up like Audrina's?
Worry not! You should try runching up this top just like what Audrina did.
The ruffles are a bonus, babe! ;)
Get this from stitch, at RM30 only.
Why not try a mini skirt instead of hot pants?
If you love Audrina's style but think it's a little too much for college, why not wear a white sleeveless top inside your checkered shirt?
Pair the combo with this cute mini from beautylicious-lens! ;)
The price, you ask? RM39.90!
Oooh I totally love this style! Classy! ;)
Sports and sexy-ness can be a great match provided if you add the right accessories. ;)
A hoodie jacket is a must-have for all sports fanatics. :)
Copy Audrina's style by mixing this hoodie jacket with a black sleeveless top inside.
Match them with skinny jeans and Oxford booties! ;)
That's what I call flirty without going over the top!
Get this hoodie jacket from mOde LaNe at RM25 each!
Not a true blue fan? Go for other colors instead!
Check them out!
Want a simple black singlet to match with them hoodie jackets? ;)
This is the answer to your prayers!
I find this top nice and unique as I like the cutting of it. :)
The Brand of this top is U2 and you can get this at RM19 from mydressingcloset.
Pssst..girls, please get at least one speg top/whatever singlets in black or any colour you like cause it's really a must have for every closet, even the celebrities'!
Skinny jeans, who can live without them?
After pairing your hoodie with your jacket, do remember your skinny jeans!
(However,for those who find skinny jeans a little uncomfortable, try leggings instead. Ooh, you can also try treggings!)
Get this pretty pair of skinny jeans from stitch at RM55 a pair! Ooh, love the color of this skinny, no?
Besides being Audrina-inspired, these skinnies have been spotted on celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Kate Moss!
It's worth it! :)
Oooh! Booties!
Loving the colour of these two booties!
Choose black if you'd like to look glam and sexy at the same time, or brown if you prefer preppy. :)
Get these for RM100 per pair at Angel Fashionista.
Pair the look with this gorgeous bag from Bolster Store!
Priced at RM48, it's totally classy, no?
Loving the gold chain on this leather bag.
So Chanel-inspired, minus the giant price tag.
Something Audrina would carry. ;)
Available in black or white.
Off-shoulder tops are sexy, and a safe way of showing off your shoulders without looking over the top. :)
Loving this look by Audrina, don't you?
Now you can steal Audrina's look with this pretty top from ESN Clothing!
Off-shoulder tops can never look this hot!
The price, you ask? RM44.
Yeah. Simple and nice. Perfect for parties if the code is "Casual" and you have no idea on what to wear. :)
Pair your black top with this cool pair of skinny jeans from Beetch!
Price? RM40 only! Woots!
Available in five exciting colours, you can work this look with lots of bangles!
Now that's cool!
Not to forget the bag, babes!
A leather bag is a must at the moment!
Don't believe me? Just look at Audrina!
Loving the details of this bag. I personally like the brown one. Chic.
Get this hot bag from Bolster Store at RM45.
Tight dresses are so hot right now!
Just make sure you wear it your size, babe.
Too tight = slutty.
Too loose = just weird.
I like the faux snake skin leather details on this dress. Sexy and glam at the same time. :)
Pair up this dress with Oxford booties and you're ready to hit the red carpet with style!
Get this from Nunfish at RM94. Pretty pricey, but it's worth it!Oooh! I love this look the best!
Leather jackets = hot!
Look at her bag! Isn't it something like the one from Bolster Store? Ooh the gold chain details! ;)
Loves it!
Now you can rule the rocker chick look too!
I love the details of this jacket.
Babes, it's official. This jacket is so IN! It's the latest trend, I am sure. ;)
Even Megan Fox was wearing it in Transformers!
Get this cool jacket from stitch at RM55!
Oooh this jacket looks yummy too!
You can pair this up with a dress like what the model did too, say, the tight dress from Nunfish? :) Now that's rocker sexy!
Get this from ESN Clothing at RM48 each.
Omg! Aren't you excited already?
Hurry hurry click on the links (on the name of the shops stated) to get some of Audrina's hot looks!
Remember, smile for the paparazzis! ;)

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