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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Woots! As the bells are ringing, it shows us that Christmas is HERE! What's more, alot of fab online stores are having their own Christmas promotions, collections, etc etc! I am getting the Christmas bug these days. *sighs. Have been shopping on and off online AND offline. My bank is going to be broke! *Oh no!
Anyway, cut off the sad stuff. Back to happy things today. :) Let's check out their hot promotions now, shall we?*drumrolls..
Lols! Yes! They are giving away a 10% discount OFF ALL items STOREWIDE!
The reason being? They want to clear off the old stocks for NEW ones!
Besides all the cute and pretty clothes, you will find..F Cup cookies!
F Cup cookies are a hit in Taiwan and Japan and are also popular among the celebrities there. ;)
I am not exactly sure if they have a discount for the F Cup cookies, but hey, who does not want to enhance their bust?
Sold at RM95 (Sasa's selling them at around a hundred something or more), I still find it a bargain, since it's natural and safe. (I may like the styles of celebrities, but I am against cosmetic surgery!)
Anyway, if F Cup cookies are really not your thing, check out their clothes! They are really pretty and totally hot for the festive season! ;)
Click this link to shop!
Us at Shop Like A Celebrity! would love to welcome a new blogshop, Abraqedabra! :)
Babes, check out their store and who knows, you might find a celebrity inspired clothing or two!
If you're looking for leather or lace, you should check them out too!
Omg! Sexy, hot lingerie your thing?
You'd definitely love this shop!
They have plenty of lacy lingerie..way to charm your man's heart!
Mark your calendars, babes, to 19th of November (today!) before midnight!
This is because, A Bit of Everywhere will be updated with the now in trend floral slippers, as well as USA flag slippers, and MANY MORE!
Lovin' peplums? Check them out!
Yes! They have new goodies; SHOES! What's not to love?
Who does not love shoes?
Firstly, Batch 16 is open! :)
So ladies, place your orders now!
Secondly, there will be a 5% off on ALL heels (above RM150) which includes NEW ARRIVALS!
Also, there will be a 10% off with purchases of 3 pairs and above!
Free postage will also be given to those who banked in on the same day. Also, if you purchase 2 pairs and above, you will also be entitled to free postage! Woots!
Us at Shop Like A Celebrity! would like to welcome this newcomer,monpetitboudoir!
Ooh! Armani? Topshop? Naf Naf? ;)
You can find them here!
We know Megan Fox, Shanae Grimes, Leighton Meester and other celebrities love Armani.
Grab one for yourself too! Cast your bids, folks!
Yes, MORE BAGS! Us love bags! Who doesn't? :)
What's more, free postage on ANY bag purchased! Lols.
I totally love their Chanel inspired bag, seen on Isla Fisher! Woots!
Check out their catalogue too!
New collection? You bet! ;)
This time, their collection is called, "Let's Be Random!"
Lols. Funny and cool names they have.
Studs, brights, layers, florals, you can find almost everything here! Woots!
What's more, they are giving away a 10% discount off ANY items. Promotion ends 30th November.
Woots! I love pretty clothes!
You can check out their new updates! I loves! ;)
Floral lace dress and polka dots your thing? You can check them out here! :)
Omg! I love their name necklaces and bracelets!
They make great personal gifts for Christmas!
Seen on model Lena in Vivi magazine, who does not want one of these? ;)
...well, that's not all yet. Will be updating you with more soon! Happy shopping!
Avoid paparazzis!

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