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Monday, November 30, 2009

She's The MAN!

Hey ho!
Sorry for the late LATE updates.
Just came back from a camping trip, and caught up with flu. -.-
Thank goodness it's not H1N1.
Anyway, I have been into reviewing this cute gorgeous hottie for a long time.
Totally love her; 'cause she's not usually in the news for the wrong reasons, if you know what I mean. She's one of a good examples of a role model. :)
I love her style, 'cause she's loving black and red and I love black and red!
Alright, enough talking, back to Amanda. ;)
She looks totally good in this hot pink number. Matching jacket too. :D
Now you can own one too!
Isn't it cool?
Look exactly like the star with this dress from Modello.
Loving the lace details and the oh-so-body huggingness.
The price to pay? Only RM52. :)
Oh my gorgeous! Check out this toga dress she's wearing.
Sophisticated, yet cool. Loves it!
Black toga dresses are hot, but try something else this season; PURPLE! :)
I know I may have said, purple rocks this season!
Loves the frills, loves the chain details on the side, loves the body-huggingness, LOVES IT! ;)
From Modello, this is a must-have for all toga fans at RM50 each!
In case you have not noticed, this sassy starlet loves the colour black.
Who can blame her? Black is classy and suits any skintone and occassion!
A little black dress goes a long way...
Loves Amanda's dress? You're gonna loves this too! ;)
Studs are still so hot, just so you know.
Thus, stud up your stuff and show them off!
From PaperBuds, this hot black rocker chic dress costs only RM39.
What?! RM39 for a dress like this?!
Pair this up with a pair of hot black heels and you're ready to party!
Note to every girl.
Get a little black dress. Not too little, of course!
Loving this hot number from Vienna Lace. At just RM36, you'll love the studs side details. ;)
Anyway, add a long necklace like the one on Amanda and you're good to go!Loving her get-up here!
Looking really gorgeous in this high-waisted pants and top number. ;DGrab a high-waisted pants from OMGSOCUTE!
At RM49, this pair of pants have a side zipper detail and it is made of cotton spandex, so I suppose it's stretchable? ;)
Pair up this pair of shorts with a singlet and a jacket, as well as booties, and you're so good to hit the party!
I love this dress worn by Amanda.
It's just so pretty and striking!
Now you can strike out too, like Amanda, with this hot playful dress by I Heart This!
Loving the gorgeous satin details and the two pockets on the side; kinda unique, no? ;)
Loves it!
All for RM50!
Ooh! Dress with a studded jacket?!
Denim dresses are so hot right now too, and this dress is Amanda inspired!
Loves the dress, loves the studded jacket!
What's more, you can get both dress and studded jacket (comes in a set) at RM50 only!
Grab this one (available in 3 colours!) from Sweetiee Piee now!

Omg, love the leather details, can?
Also the cotton skirt! Woots!
From Paperbuds, this studs (STUDS!) tube dress is so sexy! ;)
Sorry for my excitement.. -.-
At RM36 only, it's a catch!

Whoa, isn't Amanda just hot in this number? ;)

Omg, check out the hotness!
Made of stretchable PVC leather, this tube dress is really hot. ;)
Loves the front zipper details!
Amanda would be sold!
Available in Abraqedabra, this dress costs RM60.
Yeah, I know I have reviewed the other colour before, but this dress is so similar to Amanda's, can? ;)
If red is not your colour, worry no is here!
Perfect for parties, this dress makes any girl look uber cool.
Grab this frm I Heart This! at RM50 each!


LaLa* said...

black rocker chic dress
is this available?

The Shopaholics said...

Hey Lala*,
Thanks for visiting. Uh, I am not sure. Do click on the link of the shop below the dress to check if the dress is available. :)
The owners are really helpful.
Have a nice day and happy new year!