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Monday, November 2, 2009

Tiny Little Updates : Sales, New Updates, Pretty clothes to die for..(UPDATED)

Hey ho!
I'm currently having this bunch of crazy exams this week and next week, so can't exactly update as much. :(
Anyway, here are some cool updates! ;)

mydressingcloset *click on the link
Yesss, mydressingcloset is having a BIG sale! ;)
In conjunction to the sale, they will be giving away FREE POSTAGE for purchases above RM50! Woots!
I love their Topshop inspired zippered skirt (it's even SPOTTED on Mischa Barton!) at RM40!
Click on the link to shop and check them out!

MillyMoo *click on the link
This blogshop is sho cute! :D
For their opening promotion, they are giving away up to 20% discount on clothes!
Purchase 2 items and above and you will get FREE POSTAGE!
I love their lovely lace dress for RM36! So Jasmine Trias inspired! :)

le.loves (NEW) *click on the link
They are having sales until their stocks are cleared out! So hurry grab em before they are gone!
I find this Topshop/Kate Moss inspired fringed top just HOT at RM35!

Secret Shoes Project *click on the link
They are updated with HOT HOT shoes!
I love these nude Hayden Panettiere inspired shoes!
At just RM69, who wouldn't say NO?

Beetch *click on the link
Looking for Little Miss tees? Here they are, at RM25 each!
Also, loving their Beyonce inspired collection. Check out this dress! Sexxxxxyyy!
blackmilkproject (NEW) *click on the link
Oooh! I love this biker chiq jacket they're selling! RM58 for one? Ooooh worth it!
It's made from PU Leather too! Sexxy! ;)
A Fashion Story (NEW) *click on the link
They're selling pretty, as in really pretty Korean jewelry! Woots!
Me like! ;) I love this one especially. RM16.90. Pretty! ;)
Ooooh this one too! High heeled anklet at RM9.90 only?!?!
LalaLove (NEW) *click on the link
Oooh I spotted this dress in Forever21 once! Was into buying it, when my boyfriend said, "Price tag too expensive lah!" -.-
Oh well. That dress costs about RM100+? This dress costs only RM55 and it's almost the same!
Woots! This so hot!
Dirty Pretty Things (NEW) *click on the link
Oooh they're providing free shipping on EVERY purchase! Woots!
Tell me, who DOESN'T LOVE free shipping?
Anyway, loving their fringe dress! At RM39, it's worth it as it's Mischa Barton/Paris Hilton inspired, no? ;)
Lilith's Boutique (NEW) *click on the link
I love this leather bag in black! Black is just so sexy right now. Well, it always is. :)
Rachel Bilson would love this! ;)
Price? RM45, and it's not restockable.
~Mystique~ (NEW) *click on the link
I find this top feminine and pretty. :) A breath of fresh air!
Anyway, it's RM32, and it's imported. Grab it!
clumsybroccoli (NEW) *click on the link
I love their corset top! At just RM29, it's just so PRETTY! ;)
Me wants! Someone get it for me! ;D
A Bit Of Everywhere *click on the link
I am loving their zebra scarf! I'm collecting scarfs at the moment. They make any top look hot!
Clothes R Us (NEW) *click on the link
I am in love with their cotton/chiffon floral dress! It's just so fabulous! Lauren Conrad inspired, babes! ;)
Get this at RM35 only!
sTRawbeRRy (NEW) *click on the link
This babe is organizing a bazaar! ;)
Date? 12/12/09. So if you're living in Subang Jaya, do contact this babe to promote your blogshop! Woots! :)
An Old Flame *click on the link
She's giving us more peplums to go crazy for! In case you have no idea on what's a peplum, Victoria Beckham has been crazy over them too! As well as Elle McPherson! ;)
How much does it cost here in An Old Flame? Well, RM39. :)
A variety of choices, won't you be spoilt?
miss shopaholic's closet *click on the link
I'm like, going crazy for discounts at the moment. Who couldn't resist discounts? :)
miss shopaholic's closet is giving away 20% off storewide til 20th of November!
I am loving this top. Price? A mere RM23.
*Spring Fairy* *click on the link
Like it's name, the clothes have names like River Nymph too! I like River Nymph! RM29 only! ;)
Pretty top it is. Mary-Kate inspired. :)
Oooh, did I mention they are having MASSIVE SALES? Hurry up, check them out!
French Kiss *click on the link
Ooooh! Avril Lavigne inspired! Loves!
Get this hot checkered tube dress at RM48 only! Loving it! ;)
It comes along with a belt too. :)
What are you waiting for? Gear yourself up for more shopping! :)
Beware of the paparazzis! They are coming down to hunt you!
For more updates, follow us on Twitter : :)

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