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Monday, November 30, 2009

She's The MAN!

Hey ho!
Sorry for the late LATE updates.
Just came back from a camping trip, and caught up with flu. -.-
Thank goodness it's not H1N1.
Anyway, I have been into reviewing this cute gorgeous hottie for a long time.
Totally love her; 'cause she's not usually in the news for the wrong reasons, if you know what I mean. She's one of a good examples of a role model. :)
I love her style, 'cause she's loving black and red and I love black and red!
Alright, enough talking, back to Amanda. ;)
She looks totally good in this hot pink number. Matching jacket too. :D
Now you can own one too!
Isn't it cool?
Look exactly like the star with this dress from Modello.
Loving the lace details and the oh-so-body huggingness.
The price to pay? Only RM52. :)
Oh my gorgeous! Check out this toga dress she's wearing.
Sophisticated, yet cool. Loves it!
Black toga dresses are hot, but try something else this season; PURPLE! :)
I know I may have said, purple rocks this season!
Loves the frills, loves the chain details on the side, loves the body-huggingness, LOVES IT! ;)
From Modello, this is a must-have for all toga fans at RM50 each!
In case you have not noticed, this sassy starlet loves the colour black.
Who can blame her? Black is classy and suits any skintone and occassion!
A little black dress goes a long way...
Loves Amanda's dress? You're gonna loves this too! ;)
Studs are still so hot, just so you know.
Thus, stud up your stuff and show them off!
From PaperBuds, this hot black rocker chic dress costs only RM39.
What?! RM39 for a dress like this?!
Pair this up with a pair of hot black heels and you're ready to party!
Note to every girl.
Get a little black dress. Not too little, of course!
Loving this hot number from Vienna Lace. At just RM36, you'll love the studs side details. ;)
Anyway, add a long necklace like the one on Amanda and you're good to go!Loving her get-up here!
Looking really gorgeous in this high-waisted pants and top number. ;DGrab a high-waisted pants from OMGSOCUTE!
At RM49, this pair of pants have a side zipper detail and it is made of cotton spandex, so I suppose it's stretchable? ;)
Pair up this pair of shorts with a singlet and a jacket, as well as booties, and you're so good to hit the party!
I love this dress worn by Amanda.
It's just so pretty and striking!
Now you can strike out too, like Amanda, with this hot playful dress by I Heart This!
Loving the gorgeous satin details and the two pockets on the side; kinda unique, no? ;)
Loves it!
All for RM50!
Ooh! Dress with a studded jacket?!
Denim dresses are so hot right now too, and this dress is Amanda inspired!
Loves the dress, loves the studded jacket!
What's more, you can get both dress and studded jacket (comes in a set) at RM50 only!
Grab this one (available in 3 colours!) from Sweetiee Piee now!

Omg, love the leather details, can?
Also the cotton skirt! Woots!
From Paperbuds, this studs (STUDS!) tube dress is so sexy! ;)
Sorry for my excitement.. -.-
At RM36 only, it's a catch!

Whoa, isn't Amanda just hot in this number? ;)

Omg, check out the hotness!
Made of stretchable PVC leather, this tube dress is really hot. ;)
Loves the front zipper details!
Amanda would be sold!
Available in Abraqedabra, this dress costs RM60.
Yeah, I know I have reviewed the other colour before, but this dress is so similar to Amanda's, can? ;)
If red is not your colour, worry no is here!
Perfect for parties, this dress makes any girl look uber cool.
Grab this frm I Heart This! at RM50 each!

Hello High Street!

Have been staring British magazines, drooling over the clothes worn by their gorg models?
Saving up for a shopping trip to Europe?
Upset that your favourite brand is not here in Malaysia?
Be upset no more, for Miss Shopaholic's Closet is having a pre-order for European High Street brands!
What is high street?
High Street, or the High Street, is a metonym for the generic name (and frequently the official name) of the primary business street of towns or cities in the United Kingdom. It is usually a focal point for shops and retailers in city centres, and is most often used in reference to retailing.
(taken from Wikipedia)
Anyway, if you're blur, here are some high street brands that you (already) love :
Zara, Topshop, MNG, H&M, New Look, Urban Outfitters, NEXT, Miss Selfridge, Republic, Tammy, River Island, Warehouse and Wallis.
Some of them are unheard, no?
Well, now's your chance to grab them in this pre-order!
Just log on to Miss Shopaholic's Closet's page, and click on the links to shop.
After that, email Miss Shopaholic's Closet (remember to read the T&C), and she will quote the price.

In case you don't know what's H&M, Rihanna, Ashley Tisdale and many other celebs are fans of H&M!
Woots! Gorgeous clothes can? We can buy them for the New Year!
The pre-order will close this 25th of Dec 2009 (Christmas!)
Click on this link for more!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I ♥ Bazaar by RylDesigns

It's time to mark your calendars and start saving! :)
And by saving, we mean it!
This is because one of our favourite blogshops, RylDesigns, has organized a gonna be exciting yet fun bazaar! Woots!
In case you're grumbling and asking, "When is it? Don't get me excited without letting me know the date!", the details are above and below! Lols.
I Bazaar by RylDesigns
Date : 5th and 6th December 2009. (Omg, we can shop for our Christmas presents and stuff!)
Location : Indoor, First Floor, The 19 USJ City Mall!
(formerly known as D19ital Mall, USJ 19)
Time : 1200 - 2000
(12 noon til 8pm)
Ooh! So exciting, can?
In case you're not familiar with the place, here's the map :
For more, do log on to the website :
In case you're curious about the bazaar, do drop RylDesigns an email :
That's all folks!
Watch out for cameras! Smile and wave. :)
As for shopping, have fun! ;)
Shop Like A Celebrity!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Link Me Up (AGAIN!)

Hey people!
My paper ends today and I'm going to be entertaining you peeps with more celebrity style-inspirations, etc etc!
And hello, NEW BANNER! :D
I have a new banner now! *points to the sidebar
Link me up! :) :)
(Unless, you like my old banner. Heee..*Thank you thank you, you appreciate my hard work!)
Reason being?
My old banner's a little too unattractive yet unnoticeable. Lols! :P
(credits to White Label Closet again for giving me such a pretty pretty banner! I loves!)
However, if you prefer my old banner, it's alright, there's still another link to it. Lols.
Stay tuned for more, lovelies!
Thank you for your support once again!
Shop Like A Celebrity!


Thursday, November 19, 2009


Woots! As the bells are ringing, it shows us that Christmas is HERE! What's more, alot of fab online stores are having their own Christmas promotions, collections, etc etc! I am getting the Christmas bug these days. *sighs. Have been shopping on and off online AND offline. My bank is going to be broke! *Oh no!
Anyway, cut off the sad stuff. Back to happy things today. :) Let's check out their hot promotions now, shall we?*drumrolls..
Lols! Yes! They are giving away a 10% discount OFF ALL items STOREWIDE!
The reason being? They want to clear off the old stocks for NEW ones!
Besides all the cute and pretty clothes, you will find..F Cup cookies!
F Cup cookies are a hit in Taiwan and Japan and are also popular among the celebrities there. ;)
I am not exactly sure if they have a discount for the F Cup cookies, but hey, who does not want to enhance their bust?
Sold at RM95 (Sasa's selling them at around a hundred something or more), I still find it a bargain, since it's natural and safe. (I may like the styles of celebrities, but I am against cosmetic surgery!)
Anyway, if F Cup cookies are really not your thing, check out their clothes! They are really pretty and totally hot for the festive season! ;)
Click this link to shop!
Us at Shop Like A Celebrity! would love to welcome a new blogshop, Abraqedabra! :)
Babes, check out their store and who knows, you might find a celebrity inspired clothing or two!
If you're looking for leather or lace, you should check them out too!
Omg! Sexy, hot lingerie your thing?
You'd definitely love this shop!
They have plenty of lacy lingerie..way to charm your man's heart!
Mark your calendars, babes, to 19th of November (today!) before midnight!
This is because, A Bit of Everywhere will be updated with the now in trend floral slippers, as well as USA flag slippers, and MANY MORE!
Lovin' peplums? Check them out!
Yes! They have new goodies; SHOES! What's not to love?
Who does not love shoes?
Firstly, Batch 16 is open! :)
So ladies, place your orders now!
Secondly, there will be a 5% off on ALL heels (above RM150) which includes NEW ARRIVALS!
Also, there will be a 10% off with purchases of 3 pairs and above!
Free postage will also be given to those who banked in on the same day. Also, if you purchase 2 pairs and above, you will also be entitled to free postage! Woots!
Us at Shop Like A Celebrity! would like to welcome this newcomer,monpetitboudoir!
Ooh! Armani? Topshop? Naf Naf? ;)
You can find them here!
We know Megan Fox, Shanae Grimes, Leighton Meester and other celebrities love Armani.
Grab one for yourself too! Cast your bids, folks!
Yes, MORE BAGS! Us love bags! Who doesn't? :)
What's more, free postage on ANY bag purchased! Lols.
I totally love their Chanel inspired bag, seen on Isla Fisher! Woots!
Check out their catalogue too!
New collection? You bet! ;)
This time, their collection is called, "Let's Be Random!"
Lols. Funny and cool names they have.
Studs, brights, layers, florals, you can find almost everything here! Woots!
What's more, they are giving away a 10% discount off ANY items. Promotion ends 30th November.
Woots! I love pretty clothes!
You can check out their new updates! I loves! ;)
Floral lace dress and polka dots your thing? You can check them out here! :)
Omg! I love their name necklaces and bracelets!
They make great personal gifts for Christmas!
Seen on model Lena in Vivi magazine, who does not want one of these? ;)
...well, that's not all yet. Will be updating you with more soon! Happy shopping!
Avoid paparazzis!

I Love Sequins!

Ahoy there sequin lovers!
(That includes Yours Truly)
Sequins are the perfect weapon (DID we say weapon?! *coughs) to stand out from a party crowd.
And DR T from Catfights and Limelights truly understands that..
Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Micha Barton, Nicole Richie, Taylor Swift, Michelle Tratchenberg as well as Ashley Tisdale knows it best that sequins make any girl stand out. ;)
Check out Michelle sequins top! I loves!
Now, you can look like Michelle too, with this cute sequined top from Catfights and Limelights.
Original price? RM39.
Discounted price? RM32!! Woots!
That's like saving RM7, which is alot!
If this is not your thang, but you still love sequins, you should check out their store for more cute sequin items! ;)
They are giving a special price for all sequined items this Christmas!
So, babes, get sequined this Christmas!! Woots!
Beware of the paparazzis! They might want a bit of your sequins too! :O

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lacey Love

Oooh, lace seems to be the IN thing now, no? ;)
Spotted on celebrities in Hollywood, who would not get caught up with the lace flu?
Which is why, Beetch is restocking on 'em!
Lookie at the dress above! I loves it!
Don't you? ;)
What's more it's halter! Who does not love?
Kelly Brook looks hot in lace, don't you think? well as country cutie, Carrie Underwood! She looks lovely!
To catch up with the lace fever, grab one yourself now, from Beetch!
The price to pay?
RM44 (OMG?) Isn't it Hollywood-worthy? It is!
You can definitely wear it to your upcoming Christmas parties! ;)
Sweet, yet hot. :)
Hurry up, babes! Restocking ends 20th November!
Click this link to get lacy now!
pictures credits to and

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

She's Next :)

No, that's not her wedding day. That's just her being a bridesmaid. :)
Stay tuned!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Hey peeps!
Sorry for the late updates. The Celebrity Shopper will be taking a break for the moment.
Exams. *grrrr.. who LOVES them?!
Ok, examiners and teachers love them. -.-
No worries though, I will be updating as soon as possible. Say, Friday? :)
I really miss online shopping and my laptop. It's been days.
I am currently in a war with this thing called pimples.
Exams = More pimples
More pimples = Less love towards exams
Lols. Ignore my crap.
Anyway, stay tuned 'cause I will definitely be right back!
For more updates, follow me on twitter at!
Love ya all!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Styles Of The Moment : Of Studs, Peplums and Ripped Leggings

Style of The Moment i : Studs are so hot! :)

pictures credits to the web. :)
Oooh! Check out these celebrities rocking the red carpet and Hollywood with studs!
Loving their studs vest, belt, everything! Hot, no?
Now you can achieve their looks too! Wooties!

Be studded-denim smart, like Lindsay Lohan, and opt for these!
Aren't they funky? Acid washed studded denim!
Denim is making it's comeback, BIG!
Get this from An Old Flame for RM65.
Pair them up with a long top and a pair of leggings like the model's, or with a dress! Ooh, sexy! ;)

Studded belts! A must-have for every fashionista's closet!
Loving their middle-zip details. :) As seen on Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian and Victoria Justice, this belt is great for glamming up an outfit.

Pair this with a dress or a high-waisted skirt, and you're good to go! Grab this from I Heart This! at RM22 each! Woots!

More studded belts for you! I like this one too, from Nunfish. Totally glamorous!

Price? RM28. :)

This is so Miley Cyrus inspired, can? I love it! You can pair it up with a sleeveless top, or even a dress! Now that's rocker inspired!

Get this from I Heart This! at RM40 only. Woots! Worth it as it's celeb-worthy!-.-

These are celeb-worthy too! Studs and fringe; a great combo, what more could you ask for? ;)

From clumsybroccoli, get this for RM38! WOOTS!

Style of The Moment ii : Ripped Leggings
Ripped leggings are just so hot! :) I find them a best alternative to the boring ol' leggings.

Even Hilary Duff and Lady Gaga agrees with it too! :) Check out how hot they look!Now you can own a pair of ripped leggings too!
From blackmilkproject, you can get these at RM35 a pair!
RM35 for something celeb-worthy? You must be kidding!
Pair them up with a long top or a sleeveless top! ;)
Style of The Moment iii : Peplums.
I fell in love with peplums the moment I saw Victoria Beckham's collection. :)
These celebs, from Estelle to Halle Berry, are pulling off peplums the classy way. Loves it!
Now you can get your hands on them peplums too!
From Nunfish, loving it that it's floral and pretty. Peplums are cool when it comes to building sexy curves! ;)
The price? RM48.
Oooh more peplums too!
You can also pick your peplums from An Old Flame. :)
At RM39 each, you can pair your peplums with a sleeveless top or an office wear top.
For a more Hollywood inspired look, pair them up with a toga top aka Lindsay Price's look.
Well, that's about it. I'm off to study now. ;)
Remember, smile for the cameras!
Happy shopping!