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Saturday, August 21, 2010

How To : Rock A Bustier Dress/Top ; Daylight

Hello peeps!
As my friend and I were going crazy this month in shopping malls (August is THE best month for SALES!) we can't help but notice the trend of corsets, or bustier tops/dress, whatever you call them, coming back! :)
We LOVES corsets/bustiers; they are smokin' hot and sexy!
THE big question is though, how do we rock them?
Personally, I would buy an item which is versatile. I mean, who wants to buy something nice but not versatile. I also like to budget. Yea. Coz I'm broke. -.- Sad.
So anyway, the bustier/corset dress/top is back on trend and its popular among our fave celebrities in Hollywood too!
pictures credits to the net
Ashley, Marissa, Miley, Annalynne, Charlize, Penelope, you name it; many celebrities are rockin' the smokin' hot corset/bustier look. ;)
You can too!
Let's start off with the must-have item for this post, shall we?
The corset/bustier dress!
Dress, top, whichever. But for this post, we're picking the bustier/corset dress!
The above dresses are gorgeous!
Found in I Heart This!, this dresses cost RM60 and is available in four romantic colors. :) Did we mention they are MNG inspired too?
You can wear this alone for a dinner or for casual shopping!
So anyway, we're gonna show you a few ways in wearing your bustier top/dress.

Method 1 : The Boyfriend Shirt
Yes, this is the new and trendy way in rocking your bustier/corset dress/top.
The boyfriend shirt is cool and chic and you will look really swell in this combo! ;)
From The IT Girl, this chiffon blouse is so versatile, they can be worn either to work or casual as a boyfriend shirt ; tied up or long! :)
For RM50, this baby is LOVES!
Another cool boyfriend shirt from Bubble Teaa Boutique! :)
I'm falling for sheer-kind of tops/dresses! So girly, no?
RM40 for this one!

How To Match : Wear your boyfriend shirt/chiffon blouse (tied up or left long) over your bustier dress. If worn tied up (the boyfriend shirt/chiffon blouse), this outfit will look grudgy yet trendy. If worn long (as it is), this outfit will look cool and trendy. :P

Method 2 : The Scarf
Ah, our favourite one this one. The scarf.
We have to have this item every wear we go. ;)
The reason why? They make our outfits really cool-looking!
So never leave home without a scarf. Make sure you have one (preferably in black; the BEST) in your handbag for fashion fixes!
Yes, ladies. You heard us right. Never leave home without a scarf. Trust us, buy a thick one in order to protect you from freezing out!
This is one sweet scarf from miss shopaholic's closet!
For RM25, this baby is imported from Taiwan!
We loves the lace detailing and all that.

How To Match : Pair this like how you pair your fave scarf over your fave top. Pair this scarf over your bustier dress for a more feminine yet sultry look! :D

Method 3 : Layering
Oooh, hot layering!
We are finding this trend really cool now!
This is one chic dress from Modello!
We totally loves the studded details! Talk about rocker babe! ;)
For RM32, this is available in three cool colours!

Oooh! The graffiti prints on this shirt..we loves!
Available in four attractive colours, they retail at RM28.
Get them at Paris28 now!
(Fun fact : ALL the items in this store cost RM28; NOW that's a BUDGET BUY shop!)
How To Match : Layering! You can layer your bustier top/dress over (NOT under) your shirt or dress!
Fun and flirty, this look is NEVER wrong! ;)
Have fun!

Method 4 : The Jacket/Cardigan
Lols, this is a typical look.
Somehow, we find this look a little too common these days.
But if you want to stand out, do get a trendy puffy sleeved/ army-inspired jacket ala Rihanna/Micheal Jackson.
NOW that's cool!
OMG! We fell for this puffy sleeved baby the moment we laid eyes on them in miss shopaholic's closet!
For RM49, this baby is a MUST-BUY!
Ahh, the olden days are coming back, don't ya think?
Denim, acid washed.. ;)
If denim is not your type, go black!
Like we said, black is the best colour coz its chic and versatile!
You can wear black with almost everything!
We loves loves this crop jacket from An Old Flame!
Crop jackets are just fab!
For RM53, you can match this baby with your bustier dress, and MORE!

How To Match : Layer the jacket over your bustier dress! ;)

Method 5 : The High-Waisted..ANYTHING!
May it be high-waisted skirt, or name it!
They are perfect in matching with your bustier dress! ;)
the perfect pair of high-waisted pants!
Grudgy yet vintage looking!
We absolutely loves the buttons! Gorgeous!
From The It Girl, this pair of high waisted pants are RM50 each!
($ $ave-R : You might want to check out on how to get free postage from them!)

We loves chiffon! Lovely, chiffon kind of makes a girl look cute, don't you think? :D
Also from The It Girl, get this pair of chiffon draped shorts at RM55!
We absolutely like the one in PINK! ;)

How To Match : Simply tug in your bustier dress into your high-waisted shorts/skirt for a hot corset/bustier-look! :)

Method 6 : The Vest
I've been in loves with the vest since..two years ago!
The vest is a really cool item and it is made famous by supermodel Kate Moss. ;)
Quick note to girls, get a vest! They match anything; from tees, singlets to dresses!
Oooh! We so loves this white vest from The It Girl!
The studs detailing makes this vest makes a rock-chick-yet-perfect-innocence kind of look!
For RM39, its a steal! ;)

How To Match : Place the vest over your bustier dress! You're sure to look gorgeous! ;)
Its like Kate Moss meets Penelope Cruz!

That's all, folks! We hope you have fun mixing and matching your outfits with your other outfits! -.-
Til then..
(Beware of cameras flashin'!)

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