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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shake Up My Make Up! (Face) (Part I)

Some of us at Shop Like A Celebrity! spent a few days of ours staring at the girls' of Australia's Next Top Model/America's Next Top Model faces with envy. Shish! Talk about flawless!
Of course, they are models. Thus the flawless faces. this dream (of having flawless skin) possible?
YES. :)
(Jumps up and down!)
Our fave celebrities and models are gorgeous as they have the right skincare routine and diet AND not to mention, really talented make up artists!
But don't cry, there's still hope for a perfect flawless face. ;)
Celebrities like J.Lo, Selena Gomez, Frieda Pinto and Heidi Klum all have perfect, flawless faces..and we envy them too!
Therefore, to stop the envy and get groovin' (for a flawless face, we mean), here are some products which will help achieve that dream!

pictures credits to the net
Here are some goodies that will definitely help create that flawless look on your face! ;)
First step : BB Creams!
Firstly, the million dollar question : What is a BB Cream?
Well, the word "BB" stands for "Blemish Balm" cream. This, take note ladies, is a MUST-HAVE for every woman out there! I usually slap on BB Cream and that's it. I don't like to layer up my make up. I think BB Creams work well as a moisturiser, make up base, concealer and foundation. Some BB Creams contain special properties, like whitening, acne-prevention/healing, SPF, and more!
I am using one with SPF. ;)

Now if you are a BB user, you will definitely be familiar to this brand : Skin79. :)
Now Skin79 is a popular brand and many many people, including celebrities, are using this brand!
Skin79 has a wide range of BB Creams everybody is gonna loves!
Best of it all, although the products may be pretty pricey for some, this website is selling them for cheaper prices!
Hello, Styles4U! :)

If you are new to the BB world, here is some good news for you! They are selling BB Cream samples too! (gasp!)
Therefore you've got to get some to try them out!
Skin79 Super+ VIP Gold sample, RM1.30.
I have yet to try this one!
It has SPF25PA++, contains rich caviar (CAVIAR!!), is moisturising, has whitening effect, eliminates wrinkles, and has medium coverage for acne skin.
They have practically every type of BB Cream, ranging from Skin79 to Shills to Missha to BRTC; samples and full sizes alike!
Woots! I'm so gonna get my hands on them!!
SHILLS Cherry Blossom BB Cream, RM36.
Pretty packaging, wonderful quality, perfect skin! ;)
You guys gotta check their website out!
Ahhhh..flawless skin is now only a click away..

One more thing, babes.. (YOU ARE GOING TO SCREAM!)
click to enlarge
Styles4u is now having a promotion! Just click on the banner and scream! (but not too loud!)
Price slashes everywhere!

Now that our rant on BB Creams are all said and done, lets proceed to this cool thing called..
Second step : Pressed Powder
Yes, as many of you women know, pressed powder makes our skin look matte, flawless and perfect!
Shine, be gone! ;)
The Syiok Sendiri Sisters are having a massive sale event going on in their blog and they are selling mainly ELF products! (ELF is based in the USA)
Do check it out!

So get your mitts on this ELF Studio pressed powder in almond for RM20!
The final perfect step to a flawless face!
Now that's settled, be ready to shine (not on your face!) and smile!
Pssstt..the paparazzis are so gonna envy you too!
Smile for the cameras! ;)

To shop at, click HERE.
To shop at the Syiok Sendiri Sisters, click HERE.


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