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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Style of The Day : Shweet and Chic

Mischa Barton's our celebrity for today's Style of the Day!
Gorgeous, isn't she? ;)
We totally envy the fact that she's always fashionably cool.

picture credits to

Now, get inspired by Mischa and re-create that cool and chic look!
We loves tank tops, and we loves lace!
This is a budget buy peeps! ;)
For RM5 (!!) a piece, you not only save money, but you are fashionably IN too!
We totally loves this lace tank top. The lace detailing is just sexy.
Perfect when paired up with floral high waisted shorts like Mischa's!
Get yours at Tanks for 5!
If lace is not your thing, crop is; this is it! (cues the late King of Pop's song)
Get cropped with this cool top from An Old Flame!
For RM38, this cool cropped flare top works amazing too with a pair of high-waisted shorts, say, floral ones? ;)
If you are a shy hottie, no worries!
This tee is perfect ;)
We absolutely loves the cute print!
Muffincake! Omg! ;)
The bird on the tee looks really cool too! Reminds us of peace! (Peace out yo'!)
Get this cool tee from BlueyJoyce at RM30 each.
And now, the pants.
High-waisted floral pants are soooo chic right now!
Mischa's rocking the look, you guys can too!
From Peep, they can be perfectly matched with the three tops above! Anything you like!
From their hot Malibu Barbie collection, this floral high-waisted cost only RM39!
(oh, *points at model above. when you are at the beach, flaunt your beach-ready body with this and a bikini!)

The Extras : (for your outfit!)
These are so IN right now!
Start the trend among your friends with a cool bandanna! We loves the turban look too! Chic and ultra cool!
Handmade, these wire bands are a must-have for every girl!
Available in 6 colours, you girls must grab this!
1 for RM9, 2 for RM15, 3 for RM20!
Grab them from Peep!

Knit rings!
Call me outdated, whatever, but we've never came across them, and now that we have, they are CUTE!
Oooh, and they are handmade too! (We have a thing for handmade goodies!)
Also found in Peep, they are available at RM12.
"Cause if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it!"
Blueberry Muffin!
Another muffin talk. (refer above)
We loves muffins and this is one of the best things created too!
Blueberry Muffin flavored lip balm!
From My Lip Stuff Malaysia, they retail at RM12 per tube!
Glide this baby onto your lips while walking in the park like Mischa! ;)
Yes! A must-have!
A girl like me can't live without bags.
Cause they are important.
Without bags, we will need as many hands as octopuses have in order to carry our stuffs everywhere.
Without bags, we will need pants/tops/dress/shoes with multiple pockets that can fit the keys, the eyeliner, the purse, the BB cream,the pepper spray, and many other things.
Without bags, get what I mean!
This classy bag, (we loves BLACK!) from An Old Flame, makes you happy in a way its big, chic and portable anywhere (even to classes!)
For RM57, they are a must-have!

Last but not least, le shoes.
Ze shoes are also important (DUH!).
We absolutely loves this pair of brown booties.
Also from An Old Flame, they are a must-have too at RM55 each!

So that's it!
Start posing for the cameras as them paparazzis loves you!
Ooh, and good news!
Due to assignments and stuff (causing us to update a little and online a little), we are extending the dateline of our giveaway to the 22nd August!
Good luck!