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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fun Review : Crazy Rumors Lip Balm in Banana Split (Ala Mode)

I was woken up by the postman, with a Pos Ekspress package in his hand.
And man, was I glad.
The peeps of Vavy Cardbury are really generous as they sent us a lip balm to try. :)
The lip balm in particular is the Crazy Rumors Banana Split Ala Mode.
So this is our first ever try-it-on review! Excited!
The lip balms are very well packaged in pretty tissue paper.
Excited, no? ;)

We excitedly unwrap the packaging to find these two pretty lip balms sitting inside.
In case you're wondering, the Gumball flavor is bought by one of us as a birthday present to one of our friends. Therefore, we could not review the Gumball one.
We'll try asking our friend Bianca (the one we're giving this cute lip balm to) to give us a small review on this flavor.

The ingredients list.
As you can see, most of their ingredients are organic. Which is fabulous!
I will give you the ingredients list in detail later.

Hooray for animals!
These lip balms are 100% all natural and are cruelty free and vegan! :P
Also hooray for sensitive lips!
The packaging is so cool! Notice the sticker at the side of the twist-cap?
On the Gumball one it says "a sweet treat for your lips" and on the Banana Split one, it says, "scoop it on and enjoy". Instead of the usual "Twist cap to open", I loves how they personalize each lip balm! :D

The star product of the day!
And yes, it really is!
All natural, gourmet lip balm. ;)
It really is!

OK, so I shall start with the exciting review!
To be honest, this is the first time I'm trying on a Crazy Rumors lip balm.
I personally loves using flavored lip balms! :)
I have never tried a Banana Split flavored lip balm, thus the over-excitement!

So here are my thoughts!
The Packaging
When I first saw the packaging, I immediately fell in love with it! No joke.
The packaging is neat and pretty. It is really unique as well.
Like I mentioned earlier, I like how they personalize each lip balm.
For example, instead of the usual "Twist cap to open" on the twist-cap sticker at the side, their "twist-cap stickers" are personalized based on the category of the lip balm. Like for Ala Mode, its "Scoop it on and enjoy" and for Gumball, its "A sweet treat for your lips".
I like it that the people from Crazy Rumors place a lot of thought on their packaging.
I know, the product matters more than the packaging. But admit it though; sometimes you do
buy products due to its cute packaging! :P
Like any other "twist bottom to use lip balm" lip balm, I loves how easy it is to use this lip balm.
I also love the fact that I do not need to use my fingers to apply this lip balm unto my lips.
Don't get me wrong; I do own some squeeze-tube lip balms and lip balm in jars, but this typical twist-bottom-to-use packaging works best for me as it is more hygienic.
Rate : 10/10

The product
Firstly, I would like to let you guys know that these lip balms are not tinted. They have no tint, color, whatsoever.
The scent
When I first opened this lip balm, I immediately caught the sweet scent of caramelized banana, vanilla, pistachio(?) and chocolate. Yes, pistachio. Once applied onto my lips, I can smell the lingering scent of banana split ice cream with hints of pistachio nuts in it. This flavor reminds me of the Banana Split Ice Cream from King's. Yummy!
As this lip balm is sweetened with natural Stevia, I can taste this delicious flavor when I lick my lips. I know, licking your lips is bad. But who cares! Lols.
(I like Stevia sweetened lip balms as some lip balms give out a yucky chemical flavor the moment you accidentally lick your lips. C'mon. I do not need to know the taste of petrolatum!)
Rate : 9/10

The balm
This part, the lip balm scores an A++!!
This lip balm is so moisturizing, it melts onto my lips upon contact.
I also love the fact that this lip balm is really natural (see ingredients).
Using natural and organic products are better as chemically produced ones may be harsh towards your skin or lips after a long term of usage. Also, some chemically produced ingredients in some lip balms can cause side effects as well as diseases such as cancer. Besides that, the process of aging can be quicken with long term usage of chemically produced ingredients in some products. :(
This lip balm is long lasting, and lasts up to 5-8 hours.
My lips are temporarily healed from chaps and fine lines the moment I apply this lip balm on. Loves it!
Rate : 10/10

The ingredients
As mentioned earlier, the ingredients in this lip balm is all natural.
Here are the ingredients list and some brief explanations on their functions :
- Organic jojoba oil ; Jojoba oil is widely used in skincare as well as haircare as it is really moisturizing. Besides moisturizing, this oil has beneficial healing properties as well as antibacterial properties.
-Organic extra virgin olive oil ; As most of you health fanatics (I'm one) know, extra virgin olive oil is really good for your body as well as your health. This oil is really moisturizing, has healing properties, and are good remedies to sensitive skin.
-Organic shea butter ; Found mainly in moisturizing products such as body lotions, creams, and lip balms, this hydrates the lips as well as prevents aging. This also softens and protects the lips!
-Candelilla Wax ; This ingredient prevents loss of moisture from the lips.
-Soy Wax ; This ingredient is almost similar to beeswax, and contains many beneficial properties.
-Natural and organic flavors
- Vitamin E ; Beauty fanatics, I'm very sure you are all familiar to this ingredient. Vitamin E is good for the hair, skin as well as health. This vitamin helps preventing dehydration on the lips as well as helps maintain beautiful lips. Besides that, this is a known sunscreen as well as prevents aging. Vitamin E also contains antioxidants, heals scars as well as prevents diseases such as skin cancer.
-Organic carnauba wax
-Natural Stevia

There's no petrolatum; an ingredient which isn't good for the lips as it is drying.
Sensitive lips, time to party as you have found the perfect lip balm! :D
Rate : 10/10

Amount of product
For the price of RM15, you get a lot of product from this lip balm!
Sorry, I do not have a ruler at the moment to measure its length. I know, such a shame. Lols.
But hey, that's a lot of product!
Rate : 9/10

The price
To be honest, it is a little pricey for RM15 (that is if you compare this with other drugstore lip balms) but its worth it!
Well, first, there's the ingredients; they are all 100% natural and organic!
Secondly, you get a lot of product and these are really moisturizing!
Thirdly, this can last you for about 6 months, so why not?! :D
Rate : 8/10

Good news good news!
As these are not available locally, you can get them from Vavy Cardbury like I did.
Currently, they are having a New Year promo!
Buy 1 - 4 pieces; pay RM14 for each balm.
Buy 5 - 9 pieces ; pay RM13.50 for each balm.
Buy 10 pieces and above; pay RM13 only!
Trust me, you will not regret this!

Overall rating : 10/10!
YES! This is my favourite new product!
I'm very impressed with this!
My lips are fully moisturized and they look amazing too!
There's a slight hint of shine and I like it. :D
And like they say, once you go organic, you'll never go back! ;)

"scoop it on and enjoy" ;P

Log on to Vavy Cardbury to get your hands on these!
Trust me, you'll be spoilt for choice..just like I did! :P

Disclaimer : This item was sponsored to me by Vavy Cardbury for review. I am in no way paid for this review. I am not associated with this company or the sponsor's blogshop.

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Exciting stuffs and I love it. This lip balm looks gorgeous and I like it. Big thanks for sharing.

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