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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Changes

"This year, my New Year's resolution is to upgrade my style"
If that's in your list of to dos this year, we will help you! :)

Over the years, gorgeous celebrities like Ashlee Simpson and Avril Lavigne transform their styles, be it hairstyle
or fashion.
Ashlee - 2006

Ashlee -2010

Avril - 2002

Avril - 2010
pictures are credits to the net

Now its time to make some changes!
Hair ; From jet black to hot red.
Be a redhead this year and jazz up your style with this exciting hot new hair color.
However, if red's not your thing, we suggest brown or dark purple! :P
Also, the bob cut is the new sexy. Get a bob 'do now!

Style ;
Jeans - From plain to rugged!
Channel Ke$ha and Miley and go rugged!
This pair of ripped jeans are to die for!
From dolly studio, this pair of grey jeans are RM40 inclusive of postage! :)

Bag - From messy to organized!
No offense, peeps, but we too, have our messy handbag moments.
And by that, we meant reaching home at 2am and searching all over our bag for house keys.
With this, all that searching will be history! ;)

These are adorable!
Get this handbag organizer from The Nic Nax Shop at only RM18 each!
Either that, get these geniuses at a price of RM30 for two! :)

Skirt ; From simple to sassy.
Drape skirts are hot hot hot!

Spice up the skirt section with this hot drape skirt!
Drape skirts are the IN thing this season, so look out for them!
Spotted on celebrities like Kylie Jenner, this draped skirt is gorgeous!
Available in Daily Boutique, get this at RM38. ;)

One piece(s) ; From dress to jumpsuits!
Girls, jumpsuits are HOT!
Look cool in them jumpsuits now!

We simply adore this simple black jumpsuit from Cutie Fashion Wonderland!
For a price of RM50, this jumpsuit is classy and chic! :)

Jewelry ; From classy tiny pieces to loud statements.
Yes, be loud. Be proud!
Support the victims of breast cancer with this cute charm bracelet!
We also loves the Coach logo on it. ;)
Get this baby from Pinky Craft for RM20 only! Woots!

We have always loved Disney.
Pinocchio is one cute Disney character we all loves!
Show off your loves for Pinocchio and wear him on your neck. ;)
From Bluey Joyce, this statement piece is worth it at RM22!

Eyes ; From typical to sexy standout!
Stand out from the crowd with them colored lenses! ;)
With a variety of colors ranging from blue to pink, you can now match your eye color to your outfit!

We are loving these from Divalens!
For RM28 per pair plus contact lens case, this gorgeous new series is to die for!

Who doesn't loves pink?
Go sassy with them pink eyes and spice up your look with these from What's Your Flavor Add On!
They are available in many range of pinks, so get excited choosing them!
RM35 per pair plus postage! :)

Outerwear ; From plain cardigans to jazzy scarves!
Girls, throw away them cardigans and opt for a new outerwear; scarves!
Not only they look hot, they keep you feeling warm as well. ;)
Many celebs are quoted saying they can't live without a scarf, so do the same! :p

Go versatile with this scarf from An Old Flame!
Suitable for daily wear, this gorgeous piece will have all eyes on you! :)
Loving the fringe as well!
RM34 each.

That's all folks!
Have a fun time spicing up your improved, new look!
Catch out more updates soon!
Oh, and smile for the cameras! ;)

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