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Friday, January 28, 2011


We are glad to announce that our site, the Red Carpet Lagoon is back on track! :)
We deeply apologise for the LONG hiatus in that blog.
If you are looking for an item/interested in selling off an item, please email us at now!
Strictly NO blogshops allowed to advertise as this blog, Shop Like A Celebrity!, is for blogshops. :)
Thank you.

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We R Facebook fanatics too and we just created a page for Shop Like A Celebrity on Facebook!
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Also, do suggest anything/inquire anything in our page or on our discussion board in Facebook.
We will definitely get back to ya!
Also also..we would loves it if you guys could tag us your photos of your purchases from blogshops..we will definitely let our readers see! :D

See you on Facebook!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Star of The Day : Sequin Leggings

Yes, party animal.
Bring it on! ;)

Sequin leggings heat up the dance floor, and bring attention to your sexy legs.
picture credits to the net
Party queen Paris rock the sequin leggings look perfectly!

Steal Her Style : Carry Me Beautiful has the similar pair of sequin leggings for ONLY RM30 a pair!
Gorgeous! ;)

Grab this before it goes kaput!

Eye Catchers

Hola! :)
Was browsing through these online shops when we spotted these eye-catching goodies.
You'll loves them as much as we do!

This cropped cardi is really pretty.
Look lovely in this sweet piece by Peep.
For RM45 each, get them now!

Mini hair straighteners!
Now this is hot!
Grab one of these babies from Melody Love Fashion now!
Not only that, you will get a free Dariya Magic Hair Sheet. ;)
For RM30 only, this small baby works wonders to your hair.

Hot pink toga!
I know, its raining hot pink, lemme tell ya! ;)
From sky high, this pre-loved top rocks at RM25 each.

Leather dresses : perfect solution for sexy girls.
Be a sex-kitten and go sultry in this dress from Motte Closet.
For RM46, you'll look like a red carpet star!

The skirt is so Gossip Girl inspired!
Make like Blair and go mono chic fabulous.
Black and white combos are perfect and classy!
From Heartstring Love, this skirt retails at RM49.

Just realized this tee is sold out. :(
Anyway, for more eye catching one of a kind tees, head over to blackmilkproject.
Affordable and adorable! ;)

Go ahead and stand out in the crowd!
You'll be loved for it. ;)
Smile for the paparazzis!

Cute Undies

Looking for a new pair of hot undies?
Dawn Under has the perfect solution for you!
For RM15 for a pair of undies, this deal is a must-grab. ;)

Loving these cute sweetheart undies. Hot and fantabulous, they spice up your inner wardrobe!
For the naughty yet nice vixen : Hot pink! :D
Hot pink undies are..HOT!

For the one in love : Red!
Yes, who does not loves red?!

For the pure and innocent : Pale pink
This one is definitely made for angels..

For the sexy one : Black and hot pink
Spice up your life with this colour!
Black and hot pink represents sexiness. ;)

Have fun shopping!

All Things Sexy

Its time to show off your sexy side like these celebrities with them leopard prints and mesh dresses! ;)

Hottie Number 1 : Mesh dresses
Celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Megan Fox look hot in them mesh dresses! Its time to show off your sexy side with them mesh dresses too; this time, NOT in black. ;P
picture credits to the net

Omg, this is like, the hottest dress ever!
Show off your curves in this hot side mesh dress from The Present!
Loves that this dress hugs the body at all the right places. :)
For RM47 only, this one is NON-RESTOCKABLE and NOT to be missed!

Hottie Number 2 : The Leopard Print
Leopard prints have been in for a while, and its always in!
You can never go wrong with this sexy number and best of all, they can never go out of trend!
Celebs still rock them til today ; you should too. :)

pictures credits to the net
Celebs like Megan Fox, Ke$ha, Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian rock the leopard print!
You can do it too! ;)

I have not come across a leopard maxi dress this HOT!
From Modello, this dress sizzles everywhere and is suitable for birthday parties as well as evening galas and proms!
For RM65, get this baby at Modello NOW!
Trust us ; you can't miss any of these deals!

Smile for the paparazzis! ;)

Belly Candy

Belly button piercings are HOT!
Heat up this season with some cool belly button rings. ;)
I myself got mine pierced and I never looked back since.
Look hot in a crop top and some belly ring!

Famous celebs like Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Alba show you how its done!
pictures credits to the net

So..when we have had our belly buttons pierced, what's next?
Cool belly button rings of course!

You can get these at none other than Vanity-Ville. ;)

Check these coolies out!
This one is really classy. :)
Loves the mini bow detailing! Cute!
Originally RM42, they are now RM27.
(Pos Ekspres included as well!)

These are gems!
Totally loving these!
Comes in green only, grab this lovely piece at RM27 only. ;)
(FREE shipping!)

Finally, there are these!
Pretty lil things. ;)
Get this for RM15 only!

Show off your belly and stun everyone!
Go ahead, hottie!
Smile for the cameras!
Don't forget the crop tops! :)

Do You Remember? :)

Remember our previous feature which includes Gwen? ;)
Now, we just spotted another striped maxi dress that is just perfect for all occasions!
May it be a birthday party, an outing with the boyfriend, or just shopping, striped maxi dresses can NEVER go out of style or go wrong.
Go hip with this striped maxi from Intricate Frocks!
For RM60 only, get this dress from Intricate Frocks!
You'll regret if you don't! :)

Things You Can't Get Here ;)

Most people I know loves to be original. ;)
So stand out in the crowd with these hotties you can't find anywhere in Malaysia!

Brand : Supre
Found in : Australia
Supre has been one of the most famous imported clothes in blogshops. ;)
SomeWear Over The Rainbow imports them here for you girls to indulge!
Look cute in this floral dress from Supre at only RM59!
Loves its sexy cross-back details! :)

Brand : ASOS
Found in : United Kingdom
ASOS is a high-street brand and is famous among celebrities like The Saturdays, Katy Perry, Ashley Greene, Ashlee Simpson, Malin Akerman and the list just goes on!

Sizzle in this hot shift leopard printed dress!
You'll never go wrong!
Pretties Closet imports ASOS clothing (there's more!) for you girls to enjoy!

So what are you waiting for?
Click on for some Supre and ASOS indulges!
Smile for the cameras!

CNY Specials : Kawaii Prints!

Sorry for the bad hiatus.
Laptop crashed. :(
Anyway, today I'd like to feature cutest prints I can find in blogshops!
Go full-on kawaii mode and move hearts with your cuteness!
(Omg I sound like an advert!)

Omg, butterflies!
I am a fan of pretty butterflies, are you? ;)
Look gorgeous in this chiffon butterfly top from Creme Fraiche.
Available in three attractive colours, you can get them at RM38 each!

Look like a darling in this ribbon skirt from Diva's Divine.
Loves that its waist is stretchable ; fantabulous.
Also available in the eye-catching all time fave leopard prints, get this at RM42!

Look like a doll in this sweet dress from Beyond Retro.
(places two hands on both sides of cheeks as if imitating Japanese anime)
Now on sale for RM38, this ribbon dolly chiffon dress is really pretty.
Get it now!

Its time to go full-on cute and pose for the paparazzis!
Smile and look pretty; coz you are!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Style of The Day : If I Was A Rich Girl

Girl, if you are looking for a maxi dress, we suggest you look for a striped one.
Because they flatter everyone!
And they are classy. ;)

We totally adore Gwen's outfit.
picture credits to the net

First, lets start out with the bag..
This authentic babies are sold at Beyond Retro. ;)
Available in many cool colours, these are currently at a red hot promotion!
RM350 for short handle medium size
RM380 for long handle medium size
(Originally RM420 AND RM450!)

Yea, we know this isn't exactly a maxi dress, but this is gorgeous!
Gwen-inspired, you say!
From Whitesoot, this really cool striped dress is available for RM45 only!
Finally, before you strut out in style, may we suggest these cool studded shoes from Moonstruck Closet. ;)
Made from artificial cow leather, these are available in black and tan (WE LOVES TAN!).
For RM85, get them soon as they are pre-orders!

Well, that's all girls!
Smile for the paparazzis!
They loves you as much as we do! ;)

CNY Specials : Hail The Cheongsams!

OK, so remember our previous cheongsam feature?
Well, here's a second one now!
Get excited coz them cheongsams are gonna rule! :)
Now, the current trend are the halter neck cheongsams!
Go halter ; they make you look hot and elegant at the same time.

This cheongsam spells sophistication. ;)
Loves it!
Available for RM59, this is worth the money!

White cheongsams are rare; well at least to me.
This is fantabulous!
Loves the cherry blossoms detailing at the bottom. ;)

Hot pink cheongsams are HOT!
They must be a trend now :)
Stop traffic this CNY with this cheongsam now!

These are available at Peep Boutique.
Hurry up ladies, grab them before they go kaput!

Smile for the cameras! ;)

Monday, January 24, 2011

CNY Specials : Jewel Me

Hold yer horses!
Coz these cooler than cool jewelry are gonna blow you away yo! ;)

Celebrities like Emma Roberts, Blake Lively, Nicole Richie and many many more rock them jewelry!

Shine this Chinese New Year with them cute jewels! Oooh!
Omg omg these are the cutest things ever!
Add a bit of beary love with these cool bear necklaces..imported all the way from Korea! :)
Comes in the coolest colours, they are suitable with any outfit!
But hurry though, these are limited edition and non-restockable. :(
Priced at RM45 each, you can get them at La Dolce.

Lil ribbons!
Adorable much?
Get these cuties from La Dolce and dazzle this season. ;)
RM13 each.

I loves ethnic inspired jewelry; and clothes!
Get these gorgeous babies from blackmilkproject, for RM27 only per set!
I'm sure they are limited!

Alrighty, that's all girls!
Enjoy jewelry shopping and look gorgeous ; ALL THE TIME!
Smile for the cameras with your new bling bling!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


picture credits to the net
Yep, that's Nicole Richie with a bag that simply says, "free". ;)
As states like Selangor and Penang are currently sort of banned from using plastic bags, which is a good move for the environment, lets all (and when I say ALL, I meant everyone from every state in Malaysia) play our part in loving the environment by using cool recyclable bags!
And no, they need not be boring.
Which is why, blackmilkproject is here! :D

picture credits to the net
Remember that famous bag gorgeous Keira's seen carrying? ;)
Nowadays, it is cool to carry around statement bags.
So play your part for the environment by carrying around recyclable statement bags!
Good for us, good for the environment as well!

We spotted these cool statement bags from blackmilkproject, and yes, they are OMG!
I mean, who does not love New York? ;)
(cues Alicia Keys' famous song)
These cool babies (and YES, there are more types in blackmilkproject!) are made with excellent craftsmanship quality, comes with full zipper/velcro opening (convenient can!), has thick quality strap handles, and inner pocket. :)
And if you are not a fan of New York (sorry New Yorkers), there's a cool Thai Thung and Union Jack-inspired bag too!
Bags for everyone!
Priced at RM35, these make cool statements everywhere we go!
There's the paparazzis! Kidding. ;)

Head over to blackmilkproject today!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sizzle The Monroe!

WE are fans of the hot diva Marilyn Monroe. ;)
And we sure you girls are too.
I mean, who doesn't loves the sex icon?
We're so glad we found this cute Marilyn Monroe top from Shoppink Queen.
More blog shops need to have this kind of tops!

Gorgeous and classy, get this hot tank top from Shoppink Queen at RM20 now! ;)

Smile for the paparazzis!

La La Lingerie!

These cute sexy lingerie pieces (I KNOW; I combined cute and sexy!) are set to blow your (and your spouse's) hearts away! ;)

Our fave ; little bo peep.
This mini dress with lots of cute ribbons and flowers is perfect for any girl!

This sweet and sexy lace babydoll will transform any girl into a sex kitten. ;)
Loves the lace detailing! Gorgeous!

This lace mini dress is sultry and hot.
Pink adds a feminine touch to this as well!

Oh my my! Polka dots!
Spells cute! :)
Look cute and innocent in this number.

Sexy camisole. ;)
We adore hot pink!
Every girl must at least have a hot pink in their closet.

Ranging from RM38 - RM42, these adorably sexy lingerie pieces are available at Dawn Under.
And no, you don't need paparazzis for this. ;)

Givenchy Play ;)

Yeah, another random note.
I loves this ad!
Justin, you are HOT! ;)


Bvlgari Omnia Green Jade

Just for the fun of it.. here's Bvlgari Omnia Green Jade's ad. ;)

To All Hindu Readers

A Happy Thaipusam to all our beloved Hindu readers. :)
Have a wonderful one.

Shop Like A Celebrity!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Style of The Day : The Pretty Girl Rock

Hooray for military inspired pieces!
We love them because they make us women feel powerful.
Powerrrr ; YEAH! ;)

Today's Style of The Day features one popular Korean actress, Yoon Eun Hye.
Many of you might know her from Princess Hours, My Fair Lady and Coffee Prince.
We loves her military updo!
picture credits to the net
Let's get military chic, alrights?

This outfit from Wunder-Akkordarbeit is one perfect military choice!
Loves the gold stitches in the middle. ;)
Who says military inspired outfits can't be glam?
Comes in dark blue and maroon.

For a glow like Eun Hye's, we suggest this kit!
Smashbox's Wish The Gold List collection!
Pssssttt..its limited edition. ;)
Available at How Lurvely, start with the foundation (Photo Finish Luminizing Foundation Primer) all over the face to prep your face for make up. This will definitely add a smooth touch and covers your pores making it appear smoother for photoshoots. After that, apply the Photo Op Under eye brightener to brighten up your eyes, making you look 'awake'. Next, use the Fusion Soft Lights in Baked Starburst (eyeshadow wheel) on your eyes for a soft, sexy, feminine look. Finish with O Gloss Gold, a limited edition gold coloured lip gloss. Perfecto! ;)
You'll dazzle like a sex kitten for sure.
RM250 for this kit.

Once you're done with the make up, wear some sexy stockings under your dress. We adore these tattoo inspired stockings!
Its like tattoo minus the needles. ;)
From Colorful Pink Room, they come in a range of patterns to drool over.
RM32 per pair.

Smell gooooood in this perfume from Bvlgari.
The Omnia Jade Green perfume for Women is a really nice scent you've gotta try!
For RM95, you can only get the best perfume deals from The Perfumes House!
OK. I am a BIG fan of Gwen Stefani and her range of fashion apparels and perfumes.
L.A.M.B is now available in The Sut Premium! ;)
Show your womanly power with this black graffiti bag from L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani!
Retails at RM860, this celebrity designer bag is worth it!

Lastly, look stunning in this pair of sexy caged heels from miss shopaholics closet!
Best of it all?
They are on SALE!
(little people jumping around in circles)
Get them for only RM49 (originally RM65) now!

The bob haircut is IN again! ;)
Cut your hair into a bob and curl it! Powerrrr! :P
Smile at the paparazzis!
They will LOVE your sexy new 'do!