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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ashley Tisdale :)

Omg! Would like to apologise for the late updates. :(
Had been sick lately. So anyway, you figured already who the next celebrity is?
She's Sharpay! Umm..Ashley I mean. Too much High School Musical in my brains. Lols.As you can see, this cutie has made herself a fashionista after the first HSM became a hit. :)
Loving her tube dress! Don't you?
Tube dresses are like, so popular right now no?:)
So simple yet elegant, the tube dress is just perfect for any occasion!
Lovin' this from sweet toothsome!
So lovely can? Definitely something this high school hottie would wear!
RM33! What a bargain for a dress!;)
Ooh, polka dots! I love polka dots!
Reminds me of the song, "..yellow polka dot bikini.." Hahahaha!
This polka dot tube dress is cute can?:)
So chic too! From Chiq La Belle, this pretty tube dress costs RM45!;)
Omg! Sequins! This babe sure knows how to look glamorous, no?
Sequins are a popular thing among celebrities; they make them look hot!
Just look at Ashley. ;)
I'm so loving this sequin dress from crazywardrobe!
This lovely dress is suitable for the party girl! It's just so fab can?:)
RM70 for this pretty piece.
Unfortunately, the last time I checked, the white one is sold already. No worries though, there's still the pretty turquoise and black one. You'll be spoilt. ;)
Ash is one brights fan! She's often seen in brights. As you know, brights make you stand out in the crowd, like seriously!
That's what happened to me in college; when I wear brights, people could see me immediately!
So cool can?;)
Look as sunny as Ashley in this pretty dress!:)
Also from sweet toothsome, you'll definitely stand out of the crowd in this!
RM36 for this pretty piece! Woots! What a bargain!:)
Omg omg! Even Ash's in the kimono craze!
She looks so pretty can?
Get a kimono-inspired piece like this nice one from Glitter-Dressing!
At RM50, this cute piece is suitable for your girly girl outings with all your girlfriends!:)
Available in white and ocean blue.
Woots! Ashley changes her style from time to time!
Look at this! Even maxis can be worn during casual outings already!;)
Loving this from Glitter-Dressing! The flowery pattern's so simple yet so nice!:)
At RM55, this cool piece can be worn during outings at the beach or even during your prom! You'll look like a pretty hawaiian princess in this! ;)
Hurry! It's non-restockable! Definitely worth it, no?

Ooh, I like this! So so pretty can? From mydressingcloset, this pretty piece costs RM42!

What I like about this dress is that it could be worn as a top OR as a dress! So versatile can?

I like the prints on the dress too! Suitable for party or lazy walks on the beach with your loved one.;)

Definitely something Ashley would wear!;)

Oh! Cute prints, eh?
I love how the bright pink makes it noticable even from afar!:)
Ash loves the beach; and we know you do too!
Pair up your bikini with this!
RM32 from Lollipop Wardrobe.Prints! Ash looks great in prints too!
Omg! Looks in envy. Lols.


You can never have enough!;)

Be it floral, swirls, or just plain circles and squares, prints could also do the same thing as brights can; make you stand out!

RM42 for this pretty blouse from French Kiss!

Already excited? Want some more?:)

You'll be excited for this too!:)

From The Juicy Closet, this pretty batik print dress is so lovely can? Makes you look hot!;)

With such cutting, you will definitely look slimmer!:)

Loving the skirt cutting too!

RM50 for this one. There are many other colours too! Click on the e-shop for more!:)

MORE tube dresses!
So lovely can?
Makes you look gorgeous without trying too hard!:)
Loving this TOPSHOP inspired dress from sweet toothsome!:)
At RM40, this sweet dress is perfect for any occasion!
Pair them up with a pair of flats and a cute necklace, and you're ready to go!:)

Ash loves dresses, don't she?

Just look at how pretty she is when she goes out wearing a dress!

Loving this from Fashionology!

At RM39, this halter dress doubles up as a tube dress too!

I like it's braid design; so hot can?

Available in 5 colours, you'll be asking for more!:)

What's that? Not enough? :(

I'll update with more more soon!

Now, take your pair of shades and glam yourselves; just like what Ashley did!

Beware of the paparazzis!:)

You've been warned!;)


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