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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Queen Of Cool

She's the type of girl; who dresses with style; but doesn't bother what others think.
She loves expressing herself; and there's something different about her.

As she walks pass people, girls admire her style while guys stare.
She's the Queen of Cool.

pictures credits to

Kate Moss and Peaches Geldof are known as stylo queens; or more of, to me, Queens of Cool.

Now now; you must know that my term of "cool" is not the types where those hip hoppers go "Yo!", but it's more of, someone who is rather happy with herself, thus is quite unfriendly towards people she don't know; but the good point about her is that she gains many people's respect.

So, dress up like the Queen of Cool in a fun way, and, make people look up to you and go "Whoa!"

Peaches is seen quite a number of times with short shorts. :)

What a great way to show off your legs! ;)

Pair up this cute shorts with a long sleeved sweater, big bold necklace, and heels and you're ready to go!
For a more bolder statement, (that is, if you're brave) pair them up with bright tees (those neon bright ones) and long, colorful socks and sneakers!

Add some neon eyeliner to your make up, complete with nude lips, and you're all set!

Available at A Touch Of Simplicity, at only RM32.

Babes, I know you will be dissapointed to see the (SOLD OUT) sign next to the cute shorts, but worry not, it's restockable! So hurry hurry! Mail your order now!

Many exciting colors to choose from.

Ooh, a halter vest! Vests became a popular item among my friends, ever since the time when Kate Moss launched her own clothing line for Topshop. Isn't the vest simply a wonderful creation in the world of fashion? :)
Get this unique vest, also from A Touch Of Simplicity, at only RM32.

They are guaranteed to make you pretty! :)

The moment I visited this e-shop, I was amazed by their lovely clothes. So pretty!
High-waisted skirts are currently the IN thing, and Peaches is known to love them.

Get these from Kiss My Shopping Ass! RM55 each! ;)

Omg! Peaches and Kate are often seen in fedoras!

I love them too, don't you?

I think it makes a quirky fashion statement. Lols. :)

Now, you can have your fedoras too, from little buttonx.

Pair them up with your everyday outfit, (it looks better in pants) and behold! A fashionista is born! ;)

Peaches is often seen in such leather bags. They are definitely branded and are surely very expensive! :(

Worry not though, now you can get something like that too; from Rosette Coutures!
While we're pretty sure Peaches paid a bomb for her bags (unless they're sponsored), this pretty faux crocodile shopping bag costs only RM28!

Woots! Isn't it affordable? Get it now!

Makes a good bag during casual outings and shopping trips; or even college!

Now you can smell as good as Kate Moss too!
Loving her elegant yet wild perfume, Kate Moss, from a lil of everything!

Now, isn't the bottle such a pretty thing too? :)

RM129 for one.

You'll definitely make heads turn with this one! ;)

Omg! I know this has nothing to do with Kate or Peaches, but I love Kylie's Sweet Darling perfume!
Also from a lil of everything, you can check it out by clicking the link!

Both Kate and Peaches love statement tees.
They are often seen in them. ;)

Get this cute yet naughty tee from Rosette Coutures.;)

Cheeky, eh? RM35 for one.
Get it quick!

Omg! I know you're desperate for more; but I must apologise for late updates, because my Streamyx line isn't working as well as I hope it would. :(

But I will definitely do my best to update more!

Next up : Stacie Orrico. :)

Get in line with more dresses and classy outfits. Truly reflects Stacie's personality! Stay tuned!

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