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Monday, December 1, 2008

A Nite To Remember!:) (PART 1)

Hey dears! As you all know it, prom nite is coming! Yeah, more prom posts!:)

Because it's the end of the year, many many schools and colleges AND unis are having their senior proms! (Yep, reminds you of HSM 3, no? ;) )

I know many of you are already rushing to get the perfect prom dress! So let's get started!

Oh, the first maxi featured here! From d LookinGlass, this lovely dress is perfect for those who has a Hawaiian themed prom. At only RM52, you'll look like the Hawaiian Queen!;)

Pretty earrings, eh? Loving them from Handmade Goodies, these sworovski bicone earrings are available in a wide range of colours and cost RM30 each!:)

Hurry! Pick them and match em with your prom dresses!;) You're sure to get compliments all over!

Oh! Isn't this dress cute? Also from d LookinGlass, this dress costs RM50. Perfect for the high school cutie. ;)

My my! Isn't this dress gorgeous? From Sensual Seductionz, this dress costs RM46 and has a pretty flower design on it. Great for those who love flowery designs but would not want to overdo it.

Another one for the cutie! :)
This dress is perfect for the innocent girl-next-door. From Daily Shopping Therapy, this dress costs RM50. Won't burn a hole in your purse, babes!;)

Ooh, so classy can? From A Model Studio, I can't help but admire this dress! So Blair Waldrof, no? How much for this pretty piece you wonder? RM54!:)

I'm loving this satin dress from Autumn Closet!
At RM55, this piece is perfect for the sweet girl in school. Best of it all, it has a detachable strap and you can wear it in two ways. So versatile!;)

Omg! I'm so loving this Grecian goddess look! Stand out from the crowd with this dress also from Autumn closet.Stars like Rachel Bilson and Kylie Minogue and Beyonce have all been spotted wearing this kind of dress!;)
At RM60, this gorgeous piece will make you look like a million dollars!:)

Ahh, yes! This dress looks so sweet, no? Something Lily Allen would love to wear. ;)
From The Juicy Closet, this cutsie piece is perfect if your prom's theme is Hawaiian or neon. :)
At RM36, this dress is worth it!

Ooh! This dress is pretty! Perfect for babes who want to look pretty without showing much skin. ;)
At, this dress costs RM52! Get it quick!:)

Another cute dress from The Juicy Closet! This dress costs RM29 and is definitely money-worthy!;)
Best of it is, it comes with a transparent bra strap. Also, it has sponges attached at the bust area. Convenient, isn't it?;)

Omg! I love this! So pretty can? Something Vanessa from High School Musical would wear! From Rainbowmallows, this sweet dress is up for grabs at RM62!:)

Lovely kimono isn't it? As many girls would usually wear speggheti or tube dresses, look different in this pretty one from!:)
At RM62, this dress is worth it!:)
Hold up, girls! The post doesn't end here yet. Will update SOON with more more dresses, dinner bags, shoes and accessories! AND not to forget, make up too!:)
Do vote in the poll for the next celebrity featured!
Anna Faris II will be up next! So stay tuned!;)

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