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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beautiful Awakening

Stacie Orrico.
Loving her music. This artist has a really nice album.
Hmmm. Loving her red dress, eh?
I think, every girl needs little black dress AND a red dress.
Remembers the song, "Lady In Red".
I think red makes any girl look hot! Like, really!
I find this red dress hot! Woots!
I just love off-shoulder dresses! They're just so sexy. ;)
What's more; this dress has butterfly sleeves too!
From CLOTHES I LIKE, this hot dress costs RM45!
Worth it, no? :)

Stacie does love grey and black dresses can?
Now, you can look as hot with these! ;)
Lovin' this simple dress from Kiss My Shopping Ass!
At only RM49.90, this dress is available in grey and black.
Really liking the double straps; they're just pretty!
Omg! Another LBD! This time, this dress has a racer back pattern. Woots!
From SweetMink Online Boutique, this dress costs RM48.
I think it's pretty cheap since I've seen dresses like this in boutiques, but they cost much more!
So hurry, get it before someone does! ;)
Omg! I think I've said it a thousand times and I don't mind saying it again; I love tube dresses!
Specially this one 'cause it has sequins on it! ;)
Also from SweetMink, this hot dress costs RM52!
I'm like, "Omgthisdressissonicesoprettysosexy!" Yeah, lols. Thanks for bearing with me while I get my words all mixed up.
You lovin' that dress too? ;)
Hurry! Go to SweetMink Online Boutique to get it!
I love booties!
They're just so so hot!
Celebrities like Hayden Panettiere and Mary-Kate are also known to love them!
Pair up them hot booties with your dress and you're ready to party!
From Shopaholix Bar, this hottie looks expensive, no?
Let's say, about RM100?
Hah! Kidding! It costs only RM39 for a pair!
Omg I heard you! So cheap can?;)
Whoa! I love this hot LBD!
It's just so pretty, isn't it?
From pinklace closet, this sexy LBD costs only RM38!
Omg so worth it, no? ;)
Well, many of you are already having a little pretty but simple LBD, am I right?
Now why don't you get one with prints?
From French Kiss, this seductive peacock print halter dress costs RM38!
Omg! So worth it, can?
Get it, babes! Before it goes "SOLD OUT!". ;)

Look as sweet as Stacie in this pretty white top, also from SweetMink.
Just like the one with her in a white top (pictured way above), am I right?
At only RM30, pair up this pretty piece with your favourite jeans or skirt and you're ready to show off your pretty girly-ness! ;)
Ahh, something the songbird would wear!
A classy handkerchief dress from Phat Culture!
It's pretty long, so I think it also fits as a maxi dress? ;)
RM55 for one! Woots!
I am also a huge fan of halters!
Lovin' this from SweetMink!
RM40 for this pretty dress!
What's more, it's green and purple, totally the color of hotness! ;)

Yes, every girl MUST have at least two pairs of shoes!
I know; you're looking at me funny. :P
I love this pretty shoe from Daisy Deariesx!
I find silver wedges sexy. ;)
With a hint of ribbon and diamantes, this shoes are totally worth it at only RM35! ;)
Hurry up! Get them now!
This worthy piece is a sure match with your dress!
The Celeb Shopper's NOTE to all : I know I have been updating a little late; sorry about that. :)
But there's definitely more coming up soon!
You guys have voted in my "Which Celebrity's Next?" poll, and guess what?
Many of you wanted the Desperate Housewives hottie to be featured in the next post; and YES; I will feature her next! ;)
Thank you for all the votes and support.
Many loves,
Trisha from Shop Like A Celebrity.

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