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Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Time To Par-tay! (Part 3)

"Omg! What should I wear for the party?"
"Oh will I look good in this?"
"I'm worried; I haven't bought the perfect outfit yet!"
Most of my friends are heard saying these days.
I know many of you are not sure on what to wear, but don't worry, we will help you!;)

Oh maxi dresses! I hear some proms aren't over yet?
Party on with this pretty dress from Fashion.Attic. For those of you who want maxi dresses but are on a tight budget, this one is for you!
RM50 for this dress; worth it can?!

Katie Holmes look hot in this toga-inspired dress, no? ;)

I love toga dresses!
It makes you look pretty like a goddess!
Walk proudly with this dress at RM49 only!
Available at The Juicy Closet, you won't regret it.

Good news, The Juicy Closet group members, you can purchase this dress at RM45! ;)

Woah! It was love at first sight for me when I saw this dress.So so pretty can?
Look like a lady with this dress, from Simpli-cious!
RM70 for one; quickly get it!

Avril looks hot no?
Hey hey you you!
I know plaids are like, more back-to-school when you see it, but back-to-school or not; they're IN!
Party up with plaids and look hot too!

Lovin' this plaid skirt from Margarita Maiden.
At RM36, this pretty plaid skirt will make you petites tall.;)
Pair this up with a white/black/yellow long-sleeved collared shirt or with a plain white shirt; and if you are more of the layered type of girl, wear this with a speggheti top and army jacket. :)
And if you wanna look more like a party girl, wear it Avril's way; colored hair extensions! Or highlights. Now THAT's hot!:DWho says vintage is boring?
Look at this!
So classy can?
Look like a classy lady with this vintage dress from Oh! Cotton Candies.
Get it for RM48; and best of it all, it comes with a free hairband!
Great for those on a budget!:)
Ooh, and great news for anime fans; this dress looks exactly like the ones those cute anime characters wore can?
Stripes are also so IN this season!
Party up with this top; pair it with skinny jeans or tights.
Look at the model above. ;)
It has a scarf/vest in which is non-detachable.
So in this trend now can?
RM45 from Simpli-cious.Isn't this dress cute?
Suitable for those who want to look like a girly-girl.
Besides partying, this dress is also suitable for casual outings. :)
RM35 from Frills Shoppe.
Can't get enough of tube dresses, eh?
I love this from The Dressy Dresser; I'm like, Omg isn't this just gorgeous?
Such a sweet piece can?
It also doubles up as a halter dress, so you ladies can change styles.
You can party up with this dress; or you can wear it on a date at the beach. Whatever you like :)
RM45 for this pretty one.
Classy bag can?
Pair this tote with that vintage dress and you're ready to go!
Something celebrities like Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie would carry.
RM40 from Cute As A Button.
Sequins are like, perfect for parties!
Makes you stand out in the crowd!
Don't you agree ladies?;)
I am so going crazy over sequin tops and dresses!
My closet has like, 4 sequin tops and 3 sequin dresses already. :D
Perfect for party girls like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, the Olsen twins and Mischa Barton, sequin dresses are making a big comeback!
Lovin' this sequins dress from 45°C WORKSHOP.
It looks so hot!
RM65 for this dress; and good news ladies, there's a 10 % discount!
Hurry hurry!
That song hit me when I visited this blogshop.
Lovebug, as you know, is a popular song by the Jonas Brothers.
My boyfriend dedicated this song to me. :)
Ok; I shall quit dreaming and continue with this. :D
More sequins!!
This dress is perfect for parties; and also dinners!
RM59 from, of course I told you what shop it is already; lols, Lovebug.
Omg isn't this pretty?
Perfect for beach parties, no?
If you love tube tops, this dress can double up as a long tube top; paired up with a pair of skinnies! :)
What's more; it's turquoise. ;)
RM 32 from Signature Boutique.

Floral print kimonos are hot!
From .:+Clothes For Sale+:., you can party up in this dress for RM38!
Hurry ladies!
Pair up your favorite dress/outfit with this pair of hot gladiators from miss shopaholic's closet!
At RM52, this gladiator wedges are a HOT HOT item!
It's sold out within a day!
Don't worry though babes, it's restockable (but it's limited), so QUICKLY ORDER NOW!
Gladiators are a popular thing amongst celebrities; like Kate Moss and Hayden Pannetiere.
So it's a guarantee you won't regret!;)
Before you leave for the party, you need to smell good.
Nobody likes body odor right? :(
Get this perfume from Shu Uemura at only RM90!
It's floral scented, so it's guaranteed a light perfume; no worries babes, 'cause you will not smell like someone who's sprayed too many fragrances to herself. ;)
Get this offer from Souled Sisters.
Ruffle dresses are still hot among celebrities!
RiRi is said to be a huge ruffles fan!
Get this gorgeous one from Pinky Piggy's Closet.
The price tag, RM38, tells you you need not be a celebrity to look fab! ;)

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