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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mischa Barton

I'm back! With more updates! :)

Sorry for being absent for two days. Finally I'm free from my assignments! Please hope my lecturer doesn't give me more assignments this month! Though some of you may be having your holidays this month; I'm not. :(

I have a week of holidays though. :)

Anyway, back to this post.

Already guessed who's the next star featured?;)

If your answer is Mischa Barton, pat yourself and smile widely. If your answer isn't, then just carry on reading this post! :D

Pretty and talented, Mischa is one stylish lady!:)

Many of you might have remembered her in The OC. ;)

Mischa loves high-waisted stuff! Anything high-waisted goes!

We're loving her cute sunnies too. The ones with colorful frames. You can get them at around RM20 + from Vincci or Topshop. :)

As for the graffiti tee shown (DROP KNOWLEDGE NOT BOMBS), you can get them from Padini Authentics! Can't guarantee you similar ones but they are cool graffiti tees!

Lazy to go out and want to shop online for such tees instead?

We're loving their cool shirts ; shirts that speak for themselves!:D

Get Mischa's look now; we're lovin' this vest from Absolutely Irresistible! :)

RM38 for this one-of-a-kind beauty!

Although it's sold out, it's restockable!;)

So hurry, order now!

Pair up your vest with this multi-functional dress. It can be a tube dress, or a high-waisted skirt (Mischa's fave!) OR a speggheti dress!

RM56 for this pretty dress. Get it from The Cute Closet.

Great buy, ain't it? :)

Another high-waisted goodie!

Loving this from Little McQueen.

Classy can? :)

RM59 for this pretty one.

Mischa looks good in this tube dress, don't you think?

Get her look with this pretty dress from Autumn Closet! :)

RM49 for this beauty!

Oh, loving this tube dress from White Label!

Made of silk and chiffon, this dress is worth buying at RM99! :)

Loving this tube dress from Absolutely Irresistible!

RM47 for this pretty dress!:)

Mischa loves sundresses too!:)

From The Cute Closet, this pretty sundress costs RM38!
I know! So worth it can!
It's great for lazy weekends; walks around the shopping mall with your friends or loved ones!;)

Lovin' this pretty dress from White Label!
So Mischa-ish can?
Lovin the patterns on this dress!
RM88 for this beauty! :)

Omg! Another printed maxi! :)
I find this jungle maxi unique and it's definitely something Mischa would wear. (It has wild prints; and Mischa is seen with clothes with wild prints before! ;) )
To those kimono lovers, it is kimono-inspired too!:)

expensive than normal dresses, but Greeen Bananas are offering you this dress at only RM48!
So worth it can?

Pair up your pretty sundress with this bag!

At RM50, this black faux croc look so classy, people will think it's some couture bag or something!

It's restockable, so hurry! Order now! Only at Greeen Bananas.

Ooh we're loving fringes! This faux-leather fringe bag from Sassy Stuffs is something Mischa would use! :)
RM45 for this beauty!
You have to admit; she IS stylish!

Copy her look with this pretty dress from Princess Feverlicious!
Every girl must have a LBD in her closet right?
Mischa knows this too!
Get this for RM40! :)

Mischa loves overalls too! Lovin this sweet one from Vejae!

So totally sweet can?

RM49 for this one! Woot!

Get it!

AND she loves dresses!
We love dresses too!
From halters to tube dresses, we love them all!
And so does Mischa!:)

Lovin' this dress from Shopaholixbar!

Omg so pretty can? It's filled with superstar elements!

Great for those who LOVE the limelight!;)

RM53 for this pretty one!:)

Omg! I fell for this dress when I saw it! So pretty can?

Lovely design it has!:)

From Mannequin Beauty, this lovely dress costs RM55!

You'll look like Tinkerbell in this.

Woot! Loving Mischa's style? I'll be holding a poll about which celebrity featured that you wanna see again, soon! Stay tuned!

And always remember, beware of the paparazzis! ;)

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