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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gift of Love

Yeah, Christmas is over. New Year is coming! ;)
Did I say it's only a few hours away? :)
Anyway, although Christmas is over, that does not mean we can't continue our spirit of giving. It's still always better to give than recieve. So why not be a pal and share some love with your friends and loved ones? Celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Hilary Duff are known for their wonderful spirit of giving. So if you have not been generous lately, I say you should start!
Here are some ideas. :)

Perfect for : That little girl who's all grown up, OR your mummy dearest. ;)
This could be something they would really really love.
Available at Fashionology 123 at RM39.
Ahh! Cardigans! :)
Perfect for : The best friend/sister/girlfriend who's outgoing. ;)
She loves fun, but she may be quite serious at times.
Available at Seductive Royalty at RM42.

I'm a polka dottie addict! ;)
Perfect for : Sweet girls-next-door.
She's pretty, cute and classy at the same time.
Also perfect for friends/family members who love the retro look. ;)
Get this from Fashion.Attic at only RM42!

Elegant chicks, READ THIS!
Perfect for : The girl who loves attention; who's classy and looks great all the time. ;)
She loves getting dressed.
From 45°C WORKSHOP at only RM53 (10% off too!).

For the flirt. ;)
Perfect for : Girls who love attention. They love to dress simple but are pretty stylish too.
They love to communicate and flirt with others. ;)
Get this from Rosette Coutures at RM27. (Two tees for RM50! Woots!)

Oh, isn't this a cutie?
Perfect for : The creative child. The girl who loves art so much, her room's practically filled with pictures and everything artsy. (Ok maybe I'm a little bit too much.)
Get this very cute photo frames at only RM8 from My Decor Art. In case you're wondering,
no, the teddy bear does not come free with that photo frame.

I love this necklace!
Perfect for : The best friend/sister who's been there for you at all times. She's there to help you when you have your sad moments, there to advise you when you desperately need someone to talk to, and there to pick you up when you fall; not point and laugh at you and walk away saying "Oh I don't know her/him. She's just so clumsy."
Trust me, I have had those times. :(
Ok, back to the post. Get this lovely necklace for your true best friend from Rosette Coutures at only RM29!
Hurry because it will be sold out soon! You won't find another similar one here because it's imported from the United Kingdom!

Imma fan of earrings!
Perfect for : Girls who love to accessorize.
They have such lovely/pretty designs painted on them, no?
Liking these three pairs anyway. :)
Priced at RM4 per pair, you can get them from Le Femme Fatale!
You can buy 3 pairs for RM10! Whatever you like! ;)
So go on, spread the spirit of giving. But do remember, don't overgive. ;)
-Celeb Shopper-

Monday, December 29, 2008

She's Next! :)

It's easy to guess who she is. ;)

I placed this video because I love this song! Yeah, I'm outdated I know!I prefer all her old songs though; so sorry if I dissapoint some of you. :(

She has a wonderful sense of fashion style. AND yes, that is why I feature her. ;)

Stay tuned!


December is going to end; and so is my semester. I'm starting a new one next year, so I'll be very busy. Don't worry though, I'll try my best to update weekly. Update weekly as in update with lots of stuffs that will make you people go mad over! ;)

Anyway, back to many good news! The time of sales isn't over yet. More and more e-shop owners are getting really generous! Thank you e-shop owners! They are giving more goodies and discounts! My, aren't you happy? ;)

CLOTHES I LIKE is giving FREE POSTAGE for two items or more in a single reciept! ;)
What's more, they're giving away 10% discount for all items (except those which are already in the sales list.)! Check out their site (click) and their sales site for more wonderful discounts!

A Shopaholic Epitomist is also having great sales! :)
The price for their clothes/accessories are cut down to as low as RM5! (I know!)
Log on for more! (click)

Little McQueen too! They're giving away 10% off selected items! Get spoiled for choice with their range of clothings! (click)
Ends on 1st January 2009.

Omg! More more reasons to shop now? Go on, spoil yourself and your loved ones! They'll thank you for it! ;)

An advanced Happy New Year to you shopaholics and e-shop owners! ;)


Hey babes!
I have news that are guaranteed to make you smile, um, scream! ;)
miss shopaholics closet is having their FIRST SALES! Woots!
Price slashed from selected items starting from Christmas Day!
Omg! Getting so excited over such sales already?
Log on to miss shopaholics closet (click!) for more!

More crazy sales! ;)
Yes! Another e-shop is also doing a BOXING DAY SALE!
Yeah I know I was late; Boxing Day's like, three days ago, but good news it, this sales is extending until the 31st of December!
Log on to Behind the Seam for more!

Feeling the happiness already? You have more reasons to shop now, so go on and enjoy yourself!
-Celeb Shopper-

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Care To Keep Me Warm?;)

Although Malaysia is not a country which has winter, we still need our trusty cardigan/jacket/sweater. It's one important clothing we can't live without. They keep us warm and comfortable; wherever we go. Whether in college/school/or even shopping malls, they help give us a very warm and comfy feeling.
Cardis/jacket/sweaters are something every girl/guy need in their closet. Even celebrities can't live without their cardis/jackets/sweaters! Check them out!

Get this hood jacket from Moto-Moto.
At RM58, this jacket is ideal when paired with a plain white/any color t-shirt and jeans. :)
Oh, every girl needs a basic cardi, don't they? ;)
From Chamber of Fashion, this comes in many choices of colors.
They cost RM34 (with free postage!).
Now that's hot! ;)
Oh isn't this pullover jacket hot? ;)
From LOLLIPOP IN WONDERLAND, this pretty thing costs RM40 only!

This kind of long cardis are so IN right now!
From A Touch Of Simplicity, you can look oh very trendy with this when
paired with a t-shirt and jeans/skirt.
At only RM40 babes! ;)
I love hearts!
Isn't this sweater cute?
Also from A Touch Of Simplicity, this hot pink heart jacket is so Avril Lavigne!
Available at only RM36!
Yes! Boyfriend shirts double as jackets too! Long jackets in fact, something like a trench coat.
From Phat Culture, this hot piece costs RM37!
Wear it with your favo t-shirt and jeans and you're set to go!

Ooh isn't this cute?
From CANDY!! WE HEARTS, this long sleeve cardi costs RM35!
So your budget can? ;)
Excited and can't wait to get one already? Click on the e-shop link above and go ahead, get yourselves warm! ;)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Eva Longoria

Was busy yesterday; due to many many Christmas plans; so wasn't really able to update yesterday. Anyway, here's what you girls are waiting for!
She's the beautiful "Desperate Housewife". :P
Or more of, one of the casts. :)
Married to Tony Parker, she is definitely one fashionista I look up to. ;)

Maxi dresses with prints are so in now. Just look at Eva!
Perfect for formal dinners and casual outings, such dresses make any girl look very feminine. ;)
Loving this from Fashion.Attic.! Made of cotton, oh won't you just love this pretty floral patterns?
At only RM48, this so-Eva-floral dress will make you look just gorgeous; specially when worn with your favo shades! ;)

Whoa! Isn't this just pretty? Look at the floral patterns!
From Chamber of Fashion, this dress costs RM60 with FREE POSTAGE!
Woots! Isn't it worth it? ;)Omg isn't this red dress just hot?! ;)
It looks really hot on Eva, no?
Copy her style with this from Simply-Alluring!
It's just hot, isn't it?;)
Available in four colors, it costs only RM48 for one!
Woots! :)
Omg! Toga dresses!
Looks really pretty can? Totally suits Eva..and you of course!
Get her look with this from Fashion.Attic.. It's RM52 for the dress OR RM60 with the necklace! :)
Like I said,every girl needs a toga dress..
Pair up your togas with this waist clincher!
So pretty can? :)
At RM35, this clincher is available in Miss Rum Raisins!
Oh isn't this dress cute?
Perfect for sunny outings eh? :)
You can now get one too!
From Fashionology 123, this cute circles dress cost only RM40!
Eva loves ribbons and bows, no?
I find the dress above kind of similar to the dress below from Bows Lover!
At RM55, this dress comes with a pretty belt! ;)

Getting jolly excited already, I hope. :) There will be more updates on Eva; but at the meantime, do vote at the Nuffnang poll below my link for the next celebrity featured. Who do you want this time? Asian or Hollywood celebrities?

Do comment here people! :)

Many thanks! Have a jolly time shopping ya'll!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lollipop SALES!! Woots!!

Babes AND dudes (that's if you want to shop for your girlf/wifey/mummy ;) ),
There will be clearance sales in lollipop wardrobe!
Any clothes posted in the e-shop is for sale!
Good thing is, all you have to do is just offer your best price to the shop owner; and if she thinks it's reasonable, then there you go! Pretty clothes on your hands already!
For the first three buyers, you are entitled to a small free gift! :)
I love free gifts, don't you?

For more information, log on to Lollipop Wardrobe! (by clicking on the navy blue link, of course!)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last-Minute Christmas Shopping!

Greetings babes and dudes!
Christmas is only a day away (Omg I know! So excited, aren't we?) :)
and many of us are still rushing for Christmas gifts for our family members and friends.
Now as many of you know, many many e-shops are having Christmas sales! Woots! :)
So, do try browsing through them; who knows, you might just find the perfect gift!
Oh, lip bags make a funky present, don't they?
And yes, this is a must-have for those who love Katy Perry's style! ;)
From ~Ultimate-Dazzle~, this pretty bag costs RM22.
Makes a perfect gift for the funky girl! ;)
Yes, tops make a perfect Christmas present too!
Pretty, unique tops specially :)
Get this for your girlfriend, sister, or best friend!
From Fashion.Attic, this pretty abstract art top costs RM38!
You can get one for yourself too if you can't resist ;)
Omg aren't these cute?
From pennylane's, these handphone pouches, make a perfect Christmas gift for the best friend/family member who can never live without the handphone. :)
RM18 each.

Omg more free gifts!
Happy :)
With purchases of RM30 or MORE from pennylane's, you are entitled to get a free keychain!
(the one above)
Omg isn't it cute? :)
I've always love pearls.
They make a lovely accessory for any girl.
They also make great gifts :)
Get this for RM10 from Wear U Style!
I think it's worth it; 'cause once I bought this pearl necklace from the flee market; something similar, and it costs RM20! Double the price :(
So hurry babes, get them now!

Whoa! This top/dress is just so pretty can?
From MissRumRaisins, they make a perfect Christmas gift for the sister or the best friend.
I like the design on the dress/top. It's just so unique!
RM55 for one.
Who says shoes don't make good gifts?
Well, I find this pair from Mezzanine just lovely.
In fact, it's just so lovely, it's sold out so quickly!
Eh? You must be wondering. Then why did you review this item anyway?
Because it's hot! ;)
Hah! Kidding; because it's restockable babe! ;)
Woots! Excited already?
RM76 per pair! ;)
Makes the perfect gift for mummy dearest. :)
This Christmas singlet just makes a perfect gift for any girl! :)
Also from Wear U Style, this pretty patterned singlet costs RM23 each!
Isn't it just pretty?
Get them now!
I'm loving this cute dress from Paper.Box.Couture!
Makes the perfect gift for any girl, no?
Best of all, it's only RM39 each.
So for you people on budget, here's something you can buy :)
Omg aren't these lovely?
Accessory hangers AND mirrors from With Love, from Miss TLF!
So pretty can?
They make perfect Christmas gifts for your best friend or even , your mum!
Miss Mini (the accessory hanger) costs RM45 while the Miss Mirror (mirror) costs RM49 each!
Woots! Hurry up make your orders!;)
I love them fedoras can?
Lindsay and Kate Hudson are seen wearing them! (Refer to bibabot for pictures :) )
Fedoras are for men and ladies too! :)
So ladies, get one for your man; it will look good on them! ;)
From bibabot, these hats cost RM23!
So worth it can?
Omg omg I feel the Christmas jingles. :))
Merry Christmas babes and dudes!
Happy shopping!

Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Loving My BF!

I love statement tees!
My boyfriend loves statement tees!
I know it's not Valentine's day yet, but you are surely not to miss out your boyfriend.
They are important too, you know. ;)
Give them something special this Christmas, like these cute yet cheeky tees.
I'm loving the top one.
I love her.
That's why I let her go shopping.
Lols. Definitely something for your bf.
I think mine would complain if I buy it for him though.:(
Ah. The second one, is perfect for bfs who love coffee.
Self-confessed Caffeine Addict.
I think my boyfriend would love this. He drinks coffee like, four to five times a day!
You can get this shirt for your dad too. :)
Priced at RM42 each, you can get them from Rosette Coutures.
I know, more reviews on men's clothings, no?
Stay tuned!
Note : Your man would love you for it! ;)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Party Up Like A Star!

Pictures of celebrities and the cute party animals are credits to the net. :)
Thanks and!

What is this?! You wonder. :)
While some of you already got the picture; I see some still wondering.
Many who got what I mean would be shaking their heads.
Party animals
Lols. Got it?
Well, I'm definitely not encouraging you people to party as hard like Lindsay, Paris, Tara and Kristin.
These celebs are famous for their over too much partying; getting very drunk and sober.
Well, why not party; but in a much better and safer way? :)
Below are the many choices of party outfits for this season. ;)

Loving these celebs, no?
However, don't go over too much like them when partying.
Party hard, party smart. ;)
Be safe!

Omg! So the party outfit can?
Loving floral dresses; like I always say, tube dresses are my all-time favorite!
I know many of you are getting a lil sick of tube dresses, but I can't help it!
Sorry. Lols. Will review other types of dresses soon, I promise! :)
But this is just so pretty can?
Ideal for beach parties (yes, I'm a beach bum!), this dress from Rosette Coutures costs RM42.
Floral prints are so in this season, can?
Often seen in celebrities like Rachel Bilson, Anne Hathaway, Mischa Barton, and Eva Longoria (Yes babes, she's next. Patience. :) ), this dress would be so celeb-worthy, no?
Grab yours today!
Many of my friends think it's hard partying in high heels.
Well, for me, I think it would not be hard if you practiced. :)
But do be reminded that you have to learn how to walk in them before dancing in them. Always take baby steps. :)
For your convenience, I think you might find this video in Youtube pretty useful; How to walk in high heels. ;)
Have a watch.

Practice. Practice. Practice.
There you go! Now after you master it, you can now walk tall like a celebrity! ;)
Ok, back to this. Lols.
Now you master it like a lady already, you are free to buy heels (without the worry of not knowing how to walk in them).
Loving this T-bar platform sandals from Lush.
At just RM45, you can pair them up with your favorite cocktail dress and you're ready to party! ;)

More party tops! ;)
Loving them from Rainbow Junkies.
At only RM20, this pretty tops make the perfect party outfit when paired up with jeans. :)
Attention owner of Rainbow Junkies,
You did not state your email address nor chat box, so it's pretty hard for buyers to contact you.
It would be appreciated if you do place your email address and contact number for their convenience. :)
Thank you.

Ooh! Every party girl's must have!
A necklace with pretty pendants! ;)
So liking this two in one gold necklace from Souled Sisters.
It's a round pendant and ring combo!
Priced at RM20, it's so worth it, no?

Wear it with your favorite party outfit and you're ready to go!

Every girl needs to avoid BO, right?
Perfumes are the answer to our prayers! :)
Loving this perfume from MNG; Mango Delirium.
I instantly fell in love with the lovely bottle. It's so pretty, isn't it?
You can get this from a lil of everything for RM82!
Oh my! Worth it,no?
Casual dresses are in!
Loving this from ShopPink Queen!
It's like, so pretty can? :)
Get this at RM38 (promotion).
Omg! What are you waiting for?
Party up in this!

This top is sexy, isn't it?
Loving this from miss shopaholic's closet.
At only RM30, this pretty off-shoulder top is so versatile; you can wear it many ways!
Pair this up with a pretty pair of shorts and you're good to go!;)

My my.
Every girl needs a party headgear, no?
If you're lazy to go to the salon or just doing your hair, hairbands are the answer to your prayers!
Loving this from ShopPink Queen!
At RM8, this hairbands come in four gorg colors.

Long tops are in too!
Loving this from 45°C WORKSHOP !
Priced at only RM39 (10% off too!), you can pair up this funky top with a pair of skinny jeans or tights. Trust me, you'll look gorg!

Omg this top is just so classy and pretty can?
Loving this so much from Mannequin Beauty!
Just look at the design; hearts and other patterns. So lovely!
At only RM40, this pretty top could be paired up with your favo pair of jeans for the perfect party outfit! :)
Every bag needs a girl.
Every girl needs a bag! :)
Yes yes! Bags are a party must have!
They are important in keeping your important stuff! (by means, make up, pepper spray, etc.)
I find this metallic turquoise bag just perfect!;)
From Wings of Fashione, this bag costs RM50!
Oh my. And doesn't it look like something celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Hilary Duff would carry? :)

It was love at first sight when I saw this one. From Frills Shoppe, this lovely floral print kimono top is also a party-worthy tool. :)

At RM45, you can look gorg with this paired up with a pair of jeans and plenty of accessories! :)

So ready to party already? :)

You definitely are, no? ;)

Have fun!