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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Back To School! (Part 1)

Uh oh. It's back to school.
And no, I'm not making this post to encourage you to dress up like the girls in Gossip Girl; but I do think their school uniforms are great!;)
Unless if your school have certain dress codes/uniforms, then look good in them girls! ;)
You should be happy that you need not go crazy the day before choosing the right outfit to compete with the popular girl for the "best dressed" title.
And for those who are going back/starting their colleges/unis, I'm sure you have made resolutions to look good at all times, right?:)
The rule is : Dress pretty; but never overdo. Too much is just ugly.
Too much skin isn't sexy. Remember that.
And please, obey the dress codes! :)
Celebrities like Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton, Hayden Panettiere, Scarlett and all the rest know how to dress casually with elegance and style.

Let's start the year of 2009 with style, agree with me, babes? ;)
Every girl needs accessories. Be it necklace, earrings, or bracelets, they help you make or break your outfit.
Loving this snowflake earrings from Jasz's Jewelry Box. Priced at RM14, this lovely pair of earrings are definitely a pretty piece to wear for college/uni. :)
Funky slippers for the funky lady!
Whoever says slippers are boring?
I find this cute!
From sweet toothsome, this cutie costs RM18!
Woots! ;)

I love leopard prints!
In fact, many of my things are leopard printed. :)
Leopard prints are so everywhere, don't you agree?
Get this pair from sweet toothsome at RM18! ;)
Walk in style, babes!

I used to love rocking horses when I was a baby.
My mum would place me in one of such rocking horses and sing me lulabys. :)
Oww..those moments.
Now you can have your favorite friend since you're a baby as your fashion item too!
Get this pretty necklace from Paper.Box.Couture at only RM9!
They are cute when paired with your favo off-shoulders and pants. ;)

I love red dresses!
Get this from Love Bug at only RM25!
Omg what a bargain no? ;)
They are perfect for college/uni and Chinese New Year too!
That way, your grandma and aunties won't scream at you; she'll love you for it instead. ;)
Shorts are one important college/uni dress item. :)
You need it in your wardrobe.
I love this one from Little McQueen. Ooh just look at the silky material.
That makes it so hot, can? :)
RM48 for the black one and RM46 for the purple one. ;)
Oh dresses!
Pair this hot red dress from Le Chic with your favo cardi or sweater and you're good to go! :)
At RM35, you don't have to pay a lot to look good, no?
Style your hair too while you can!
Loving these headbands from The Kooky Thing. So Blair can? :)
RM6 for one ; RM10 for two! ;)

Ah, bags! They are one important college item, no?
Loving this from KNICK & KNACK SHOP. Perfect to place your pencil boxes and files! :)
Available at RM55! ;)
Another headwear!
This scarf makes a perfect headwear.
Celebrities like Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, Mary Kate Olsen and Hilary Duff are seen in this! ;)
Get this from at only RM30!
They make great scarfs around your shoulder and neck too!
And that's the IN thing now! ;)
A girl must not leave her shoes behind.
Then again, who does? ;)
Loving this cute pair of shoes from Heaven for Angels! They cost RM59 and ARE pre-order items, so hurry place your orders now! :)
Yes! This is a must have item!
I'm practically a t-shirt girl all over. My closet has like more than 50 t-shirts; all in different colors! :)
I find this t-shirt adorable, no?
Currently such doll designs are all the craze!
Available at cherry beby's closet, this cutie costs RM20 only! (with free postage til 31st of January 2009!)
Woots! Start clicking and choosing your favo cute t-shirt now!
I love this cardi!
From Le Chic, this hot cardi looks so good when paired up with your favo speggheti top and skinnies/dress! At only RM33, this piece is selling like hot cakes!
So hurry up, babes! Place your order now! ;)
Omg! Are you excited for school already? Not me; because I'll be busy the whole day; I'm not allowed to update unless on weekends. :'(
This is very sad. Anyway, to all who are excited for school, all the best!

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