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Friday, January 2, 2009

With Love; Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is known as the teen queen.

From the girl next door to the mature vixen, Hilary is well-known for her wonderful sense of style. :)

She does have good taste for bags, no?

Loving the pattern of this bag (almost similar to hers!) from Favourite Boutique!

Priced at RM40, this chic bag is ideal for shopping and college, am I right? ;)

Best of it all; it has Hilary's style all over it!

Hilary is always seen wearing scarfs.

They keep her warm. :)

Although Malaysia has no winter; that does not mean we can't wear scarfs!
From Simpli-cious, this pretty glittery scarf cost RM25!

Wear your scarf like Hilary and you're guaranteed to be great in style!;)

Tights are so IN! Just look at Hilary!

What's more; they look so cool, right?

Loving these sexy tights from A'XTEQS. At only RM30, they are gorgeous when paired with off shoulder tops or racerbacks!

Here's something Hilary would definitely wear ; off-shoulder tops!

Loving them from Sassy Stuffs. I'm currently loving sexy off-shoulder tops so much; I'm starting to collect them in all types of colors! ;)

RM35 for this.

Another hot black off-shoulder!

Hilary loves black, if you notice. ;)

Black simply spells class. :)

Get this from Preciosa Mariposa at RM38!


See! I told you Hilary loves black! ;)
The LBD can never go wrong.

Look as chic and fab as Hil with this dress from Shopaholix Bar!
At RM56, this dress is hot!

Here's another classic LBD; only a little more funky! ;)
Get this from A.Fashion.Reborn at RM48. :)
You're guaranteed not to regret!
Hilary looks good in biker jackets, don't you just agree? ;)
Now you can look just as good as her too; with this hot biker jacket from A'XTEQS at only RM66! Yeah!
Pair this up with your favo t-shirt and jeans and omg you will look so hot! ;)
Another hot biker jacket!
Look hot in this too; from Pastel Stripes.
RM50 for this! ;)
Omg like I said again, you can either pair this hottie up with your favo shirt and jeans; OR even a cute skirt!
Guaranteed to make the boys stare and the girls; jealous! :)
Hilary looks cute in off-shoulder tops!
See I told you it's hot right now!
AND I'm about to show you something similar..
An off-shoulder top from A.Fashion.Reborn!!! :)
Omg! Woots!
Get this one for only RM39!
Hilary is pictured in a stripes shirt many times already!
And my my, stripes shirt is a must-have for those skinny girls who want to look a little chubbier. :)
Also available in Pastel Stripes, I love how this blue stripes shirt look. It's just hot! ;)
RM46 for this one! What a bargain!
But hurry up order now; because this is a pre-order item (and so is the biker jacket)
You won't wanna miss out!
I love PINK!
I love Juicy!
Juicy's a girl's best friend; and so is diamonds.
To the boyfriend who's reading this, that doesn't mean you must stop buying me diamonds! ;)
Loving this Juicy-inspired bracelet from Le Femme Fatale!In fact, it looks so good; people wouldn't even believe it's RM25!
Hilary loves to accessorize, and I think you should too, with this goodie! :)
(The one on top's sold out though, the last time I checked. Sorry. Not to worry though, there are more pretty ones! Just click on to Le Femme Fatale to find out!!)
Oh doesn't she look pretty in red?
You can now too!;)
Red dresses, like I said, are HOT HOT HOT!!!! ;)
Loving this hot red TUBE dress from Fashion.Attic!
It spells celebrity all over it!
So the red carpet, no?
Get this for only RM50!
Doesn't she look great in such jackets?Get yours too from A.Fashion.Reborn!
They look so cool! Makes any girl look chic and classy at the same time!
RM54 for this! ;)I love this from Favourite Boutique!
Just so chic, can?
Get this for only RM45!
Pair this up with any t-shirt or jeans!
Oh florals!
Something Hil would definitely wear! ;)
Get this for RM39 from A Style Above!
It will definitely make you look gorg when paired with jeans!
Ah, before I end my post, I would once again wish everyone a wonderful New Year! :)
Beware of more paparazzis; you've been warned! ;)

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