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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I AM THE Oriental Doll.

Being half-Chinese, I am also celebrating Chinese New Year with my Chinese relatives around Malaysia. The spirit of muhhibah (I hope I'm right) is everywhere in Malaysia. I'm proud to be a Malaysian! ;)
I decided to give this post the title of "I AM THE Oriental Doll" because, to me, I think almost every girl wants to be a Barbie doll. They would dress themselves up pretty every day, no matter where they go. Since we're Asian, I consider us all Oriental. :)
And as the Chinese New Year celebration is here, this post would be perfect!
So for once, let's all honor Asian celebrities instead of Western ones!
I admire some Asian celebrities; such as our Amber Chia, Karen Mok and Zhang Ziyi. These pretty ladies are real hard workers and look at them now! Truly admirable.

Get into the Oriental Doll mode this Chinese New Year with some great clothes from these e-boutiques. And if you think you've had your clothes already, why not be the Oriental babe in your college/among your friends for a change? New year has new beginnings. ;)
The Oriental Doll is someone who's graceful and free-spirited. She's hardworking and she likes to look simple yet classy. She loves floral prints and other pretty prints.
Any Asian girl can be an Oriental Doll. No matter what race you are. :)
So to all the Oriental Dolls out there, this is for you! ;)
Kimono tops/dresses are ORIENTAL to me! :)
Loving this top from Wear U Style. It's so Oriental, no?
Available in a wide choice of colors, this top costs RM35.
Pair it up with a pair of shorts or denim skirt, and you're good to go!
Ah, this is pretty classy can?
Get this top from Wear U Style at only RM46.
Makes a classy outfit for interviews/college presentation, or even just
a day out with family or friends. :)
Ooh I love the prints here!
So Oriental! Who says Oriental-ish clothes have to be in bright colors?!(Well, most of them are, but it does not matter!)
Get this lovely tube dress from Princess Feverlicious!
And won't you scream if I tell you it's only RM33!
Oooh I love this!
So Malaysian, don't you think?
Anything a Oriental babe could ask for!
Get this wonderful dress from A.Fashion.Reborn at RM55!
If you are a fan of Taiwanese and Korean shows, you would easily spot their main actresses in these!
So fashionable can!
From Princess Feverlicious, this is available at RM30!
It makes the vest a little unique and different, no?
Any Oriental Doll must not forget to get her skin polished and soft!
I am a fan of Shiseido products! They make my skin soft and healthy!
Get them at a much cheaper price at all dressed up boutique!
You are to scream like me when you see the price of this seven piece set!

This dress has an Oriental touch to it, don't you think?
Get this lovely piece from Garde-Robe at only (see THIS) RM37!
However, it's only available in black now. (The last time I checked)
No worries though, I think black makes the dress look classier. :)
It's been a long time since I came across such beaded bags!
They're one-of-a-kind, and I'm sure chances of you carrying the same bag as another person is low.
From Favourite Boutique, this beaded bag costs RM120. I know it's a bit expensive, but you're to be amazed by the quality of this bag! :)
Oh, oriental maxis!
Get this from Drestres at RM51!
Yes! You can wear this to parties and look like an Oriental Doll in it!
Get this from 45°C WORKSHOP at RM53 (with 10% discount!)
I find this dress very nice, it makes any girl look very Oriental with class and style. :)

Omg this dress is hot!
What's more, with a rose on it!
Get this also from 45°C WORKSHOP at RM52 (with 10% discount!)
This is what any sexy Oriental Doll needs!
Note to all Oriental Dolls : Stand tall and be proud! ;)
You don't need perfect assets to be beautiful!

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