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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Save The Planet : I'm Eco-Friendly :)

Yeah this is a special post. Apart from reviewing, I would sincerely like to express concern over the environment. The thought came to me when I was grocery shopping with my elder sister and my best friends. Yes, hear me right. Grocery shopping. Oh, we were clothes shopping too ;)
As we walked to the counter to pay, I notice a woman carrying tons of shopping bags; plastic shopping bags. I know. What's wrong with that?! Well, I say it's very wrong; to the environment.
I know I am like an environmentalist now but we're living on this beautiful planet, don't you want a clean and pollution-free planet? Many of my friends are saying it's too late; but I don't think it is too late. We can play a part for the environment, no? So come on, babes and dudes, let's all be eco-friendly! There are many ways. :)
As e-shopaholics and e-boutique owners, we tend to wrap the items purchased with plastic, then place them into the envelope. I think, if it's possible, why not wrap your items with paper instead? (if the clothes you buy don't come with a plastic bag) Then the e-shopaholics who recieve the goods can recycle both the envelope and the paper/plastic used to wrap the goods. This is because, plastic is non-biodegradable and paper's recyclable. :)
Also, at offline bazaars, we can all play a part by bringing our own shopping bags. It would be great if we can all help play a part by not using too much plastic bags; as they seriously hurt the environment. Besides, wouldn't it be nice to bring your own shopping bags and placing your purchased goods in them. Some boutique owners even offer discounts if you do that.
Many adverts in the radio has expressed concern over the environment, but do we actually listen and try to follow their message? I think, this 2009, make it a new year reso by being eco-friendly. Really. People would look up and be proud of you.;)
I always have the habit of throwing away my poslaju/ekspres envelopes into the rubbish bin when I got my goods, but later on I realise; how much trees could be saved if I recycle these envelopes. If you haven't started recycling yet, I suggest you should start. If you already have, congratulations, keep up the good job. Now I have a special bin for all recyclable items. :)
Oh, as handphone users, we always reload right? ;)
Instead of throwing away the reload coupons after reloading, why not recycle them too? Also, to avoid many trees being chopped down for this cause, I suggest it would be great if we reload straightaway in the shop. That way, many papers supposedly being used for reload coupons could be used for other more important items. :)
I have this aunt who's great at recycling stuff. I love reading magazines like Cleo, hot and Female, and whenever I finish reading them, I give them to my aunt to recycle. She has this really pretty bag made out of magazines. Like, whoa! So be creative ;)
As girls, most of us would shop overboard. For the clothes that have been with us for a long time; we want to throw them away and get new ones; why not recycle them? We can always give away these old clothes to the orphanage. If the clothes are old and a bit spoilt, we can recycle them by making new clothes out of them! For example, an old pair of jeans can be turned into a pair of hotpants, or even a sling bag. Just use your creativity and you're all set to be a wonderful fashionista!
Oh dear. I do hope this post is good enough to convince you to be an eco-friendly babe or dude. :)
Once again, let's all start the new year by loving the earth, alright?

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