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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lookin' Hot!

Every girl wants to look hot; it makes them feel great. :)
But any girl must know the rules; less isn't always more when it comes to clothes. The proper amount of clothes and the attitude counts too. ;)
Celebrities like Paris, Giselle, Kiera, Kate, Beyonce and America are considered hot; because they know how carry themselves well, besides their great sense of style. pictures credits to

Who says kimono-inspired dresses aren't hot?
Seen worn by celebrities around the globe too; they
make a great piece for any girl.
From Stitchme-up, this kimono is available at RM43;
I think it's worth it!
Hurry up,
grab it!
A hot girl needs a hot bag besides her usual clothes.
Get this from Still Sisters at RM25 each!
Omg it looks so celeb-worthy!
Something celebrities like Katy Perry and Paris Hilton would carry. ;)

Mono prints are HOT!
They make any girl look really gorg.
From Sleek Sisters, this hot dress costs RM60.
Purrfect for prom or formal dinners. ;)
I think this top is a really girly yet hot piece, no?
Get this from Pastel Stripes at RM42!
This kind of top is spotted among Asian actresses; and
they really look great in them!
Get yours now!
Omg I almost screamed when I saw the price of
this sexy piece!
RM25 only?!
From Modestly Marvelous, this dress makes a wonderful cocktail dinner dress!
I find this clutch pretty; and
suitable for night and formal events!
It's hot too!;)
This is what celebrities like Beyonce, Anne Hathaway and Kate Winslet would carry.
From Fashion Splash, this bag is available
at only RM35!
Get yours today!
This dress is suitable for the casual days!
At only RM28, this dress is available at Le-Boutique.
If you like gypsy type dresses, this hot piece is for you!
Celebrities like Mary-Kate would love such dresses.
Go on, click on the link and get it!
This top's so..pretty and girly.
It's sexy too. ;)
From Beauty and Her Bits, this satin ribbon top costs
Pair it with jeans and you're good to go!
I find this dress sexy.
It just proves to you that you don't have to dress little
to look hot.
Available at Strawberries and Tea,
this dress costs RM55.
Oh, something Kiera would wear!
Get this dress from Preciosa Mariposa at RM60
and look like a Victorian goddess anytime!

Kiss kiss;
This shirt's just hot!
What's more it's oversized!
Get this top (off-shoulder/normal)
from Heaven for Angels at RM39 each.
Pair it with leggings or skinnies and you're good to go!
My isn't this dress hot?!
From dLookinGlass, get this
little black dress at only RM48!
I find this jacket simply lovely;
it's pretty sexy too!
Get this from An Old Flame, at only RM59!
Woots! It's something
Giselle and Megan Fox would wear ;)
Love this dress!
A bit similar to the dress Kiera's wearing. ;)
Get this from A Girl's Wardrobe at RM36!
It has red carpet points to it!
Omg are you excited already?!
Remember, you don't have to spend millions to look hot;
smile for the cameras!
The paparazzis are waiting!

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