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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Night OUT!

Greetings you nighties!
I know nighties are so-called pyjamas but to me, its a slang for people who love hanging out at night!Like me! ;D
Lols. Anyway, here are some outfits which is suitable for your night out. (Guaranteed to look good) ;)

Ah. Two of my favorites; blue and tube.
Lols. I'm so crazy right now I'm planning to get more and more blue items!
Get this hot tube top from sweet toothsome at only RM23.
Oh, and with great dissapointment; I would like to apologise that the blue one is already sold out. Don't be sad though; there are still two other hot colors to choose from! ;)
Oooh I'm getting really excited again!
'Cause this time, I am pleased to tell you that this hottie's available!
If you are, however, not a blue fanatic like me, don't worry because there are other colors like black to choose from! ;)
Get this toga dress (toga dresses are so IN right now! Just look at the celebrities wearing them; from Kate Winslet to Beyonce, toga dresses never fail to impress people! ;) )
Available in sweet toothsome at RM35! :)
Omg I love them roses!
They're just so lovely, no?
What's more in a dress!
Get this from Shoppink Queen!
Price? RM56! Something you can definitely wear during the CNY!
Sorry for the excitement!

I fell in love with this tube when I first saw it!
So pretty can?

At only RM28, you can get this from Shoppink Queen!
Oooh their cardis are back!
Yeah, I would love to announce that this fave long ribbed cardi is back in Sassy Chic. Priced at RM36, this cardi is so versatile, you can wear it on a night out or to college!
And what for, a cardi, you ask, on a night out.
Lemme tell you, it does get cold at night, so prepare a cardi dear! :)

Hurry hurry get this one! ;)
Such lovely pair of flats! So glittery!
Suitable for the dancing queen!;)
AND of course perfect for a night out!
Get this pair of flats from Rosette Coutures.
It costs RM40, WITH postage!

Go get it now!

Who says t-shirts are not perfect night out outfits?
I find this t-shirt cute.
At RM30, you can get this from PrettyEverAfter .
And wouldn't you be screaming mad if I tell you it comes with a free earring! (Look at the picture. Yes, that pink cute earring there. Now aren't you just attracted to it?)
Buy it now! Hee.

Oh this top is just so suitable for a night out!
Get this also from PrettyEverAfter, at RM34.
And the earrings are so suitable for a night out too!
That way, you need not worry over your accessories to match!

Ahh this is so pretty can?
So perfect for a night out!
Get this from Miss Nineteen, at RM42!
Yes, it's a really hot dress, isn't it?
Who says simple is boring?
This cute dress just proves to you simple isn't boring!
At RM49, this dress is perfect for a night out too!
Get this from mezzo by niena!
Pair this up with a pair of gladiators and you're ready to go!
Omg this bag's just simply classy and so fit for a night out!
It makes any girl look classy!
Available at LalaBubbles Shoppie, this bag costs RM38.
Worth it, no? ;)
A girl needs them skinnies!
They're just so nice to wear; and it matches almost any outfit you can find!
Get this for only RM45 from Elegant-Extravaganza!
Like so worth it can?
Matches almost any top!
Woots! I'm so excited now!
More updates soon!
Ladies, enjoy your night out! ;)

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