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Sunday, January 18, 2009

For The January Girl

Yeah, so I'm a little late. Lols. Sorry. :(
For you people who's friends' birthdays fall on January, that is, this month, here are some ideas on what to get for them!
Whether it's your best friend/sister/girlfriend or just your neighbour, you can't resist getting them presents for their birthdays, can you? After all, it's once in a year! ;)

Little Black Dresses are still in and to me, it's a MUST in every girl's wardrobe!
Even celebrities like Paris, Anne and Jennifer look good in their little black dresses! ;)
Isn't this little black dress hot?!
It does make a perfect present for your best friend or sister, no?
Just look at the silver ribbon on the dress! Makes it more glamorous, no?
Available at Bornd To Shop, this tube(!) dress costs RM45!
Omg Isolovetubedresses!
Ruffles are hot!
Don't they look pretty on Mischa?

Get a ruffles dress from White Label Closet for your best friend's birthday!
She'll love you to bits for it!

At RM68, I think it is worth every cent! I mean, she's your best friend! :)

Oh I like the designs of this dress!

It's so funky! Something Lily Allen would wear ;)

Get this from Phat Culture, at only RM39! It can be worn as a dress or a top; perfect for the funky sista! ;)

I have to admit it; although it may seem that I love reviewing dresses and stuff, I am still a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. :)
Celebs like Jessica, too, are t-shirt and jeans people. ;)

I wanted to search for the photo of Paris Hilton wearing a Paul Frank t-shirt. I remembered seeing it while browsing the internet one day. Forgetful me didn't save the picture. Anyway, back to Paul Frank.

I'm always a fan of Paul Frank. I really like their designs. I like the monkey! ;)

Anyway, Stripee Zebra has brought in Paul Frank inspired goodies! Like this t-shirt! Suitable for your girl friends who live in their t-shirts. :) And tom boys too. ;)

As you know, Paul Frank t-shirts aren't cheap, but what do you know? This inspired t-shirt costs only RM27! :) Woots!

Ooh Roxy inspired t-shirts!
So suitable for the friend who loves the beach!

Get this from Stripee Zebra too, at only RM27!

Maxi dresses are perfect for formal events or so. You'll look classy with them, just like Alex here. :)
Celebrities are spotted in maxis often; whether in gala events or just casual outings.
Handkerchief maxis are still in!
And yes, you should get one for your best friend!
At The Reincarnation, this handkerchief maxi is gorg and costs RM60 (plus PosLaju!)
Your best friend would love you for it!

Ooh this maxi is just gorgeous!

It makes a gorg evening gown!;) Looks like what celebrities would wear for the red carpet events, no? ;)

Get this from A.Fashion.Reborn at only RM65 (OMG it's a steal!), this maxi is one of the hottest buys in A.Fashion.Reborn (just check out the number of orders they get for this hot dress!)

Don't worry though, there's still room for you, but I must say you'd better hurry! :)

I know you're tempted to get one for yourself too, no? ;)

Omg! This dress is so lovely can?

Perfect for the girlfriend who loves flowery designs. :)

I mean, which girl doesn't?

Get this dress from House Of Venus at only RM47! (Free postage too babes!)

Omg aren't you screaming now?! Go get it! ;)

Omg sequins are my fav this year!
Fergie looked hot in this sequined dress!
Omg this dress is hot hot hot!
So Fergilicious, don't you think?
From Bornd to Shop, this dress has star appeal.
Available in two colors; silver and black.
Only RM45!Woots!
Makes a perfect present for the popular girl ;)
I love this dress! It's just so grecian-inspired!
Braided dresses are IN!
Get this from Phe-Lau-Wer at RM45!
Omg it's so celebrity-inspired, don't you think?
Perfect for the girl next door.
This oversized shirt is just hot!
Get this from Muffin Kickass! at only RM35!
Perfect for the girl who loves vintage!
Celebrities like Kiera Knightly are so loving vintage right now!
Did I mention this is made of 100% silk? Omg!
Ah, another casual dress!
Makes a perfect gift for your best friend who loves designs and swirls. :)
Get this from Moto-Moto at RM65!
And good news for you lovely girls who are wearing tudungs,
this pretty dress comes with an inner long sleeve and necklace! ;)
Tired of dresses as presents?
Want to give jewelry instead?
No problem!
Get this necklace from Le Femme Fatale at RM20. ;)
It is 18K silver plated, and it has Swarovski crytals around it! Omg!
Omg another grecian-inspired dress!
If I'm not mistaken, I've seen a picture of Carmen Electra wearing this dress. Nicole Kidman too!
Get this from A Little Chemistry at RM69.
Aww couple tees.
I find this cute. :)
Get this from De April Sixth at RM45 a pair!
You can get this for your friend and her bf! ;)
They'll thank you for it!
Instead of dresses and jewelry, why not give neccessities, like this water bottle from Ai Shop?
If your budget is below RM20, get this cute water bottle at only RM17.80!
Hurry, click the Ai Shop link now to purchase!
If your friend loves to dress up to the nines, this is for her!
Get this lovely dress from 47 YKJ e-boutique at only RM32!
She'll thank you for it!
Well, I hope this post helps!
Do go along; and shop for your friends' presents now!
And to those who are born in January, I would love to wish you a Happy Birthday! ;)

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