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Friday, January 9, 2009

Hello People! : Orientation

Oh yes! It's back to school! One of the oh I can't wait moments! ;)
Some of us will be going to new schools or colleges or universities. Now, at the very beginning of school/college/uni, there's definitely this thing we have to go through; orientation.
It's the time to make new friends, meet new teachers and know the school/college/uni better.
So let's all get dressed for Orientation Day, alright?

Like I said, cardis are really important. They make you warm when you're stuck in an air-conditioned room. They make you feel comfortable anywhere you go!;)
I find this cardi nice, from 47 YKJ e-boutique! :)
At only RM27, this bouquet of flowers make a girl look really feminine, no?
Glads are still so IN for me! Woots!
I'm loving this pair from THE CHOCOLATE BUTTONS!
Pair them up with any pair of shorts or jeans and you're good to go!
What's more, I love the price too! RM40 is a steal for a pair of shoes, no? ;)
Omg! This dress is perfect for orientation, no?
It's just so pretty!
What's more; with hidden pockets(you can store your handphone), smocked back and a bubble skirt among all other details, it's worth it at RM50!
Get it now from THE CHOCOLATE BUTTONS!:)
I like basics!
Look at this long sleeve top/cardi from miss shopaholic's closet!
At only RM36, you can wear it with a pair of shorts (like the one above) or jeans and look hot! :)
Floral designs will never stay out of fashion.
They just makes any girl look feminine and sweet.
At only RM35, this top will never go wrong when paired with a pair of denim shorts and a big bag!
You can get this from Love Bug!

Again and again, I say, jewelry/accessories are IMPORTANT!
Heee..I'm like the teacher is school already. ;)

I love the earrings and OMG the necklace too! Just look at the blue crystals! So lovely can?
Get this from JunkzDeluxe for only RM8 (Omg for that pretty necklace?! That's like, a bargain babe! And it's from Diva! :)) and RM2 (Omg Omg for that pair of earrings?!RM2 is like, so CHEAP can?!) and worth it!
Hurry up, grab them before someone else does!
The earrings and necklace are suitable for everyday wear I'm sure. ;)
Ooh I love stars. They're just cute to me.
Loving this cute cardi from frangipani's.
It's soo suitable for Orientation can?
Get this for only RM29.90!
I am a polka dot addict. :)
I love them so much, my wardrobe has many clothes with polka dots on them!
Get this multi-purpose (can be worn as a dress, tube top or a skirt!) item for only RM39 from The Four Seasons Affair!
What's more, it's of good quality (dual lining) so the material isn't see through. So there's no worries anyway. :)
Get it now! Pair it with a vest to look smart this Orientation!
Omg this simple kimono-inspired dress from Fashionology 123 is just simply classy and suitable for college orientation!
At only RM42, or RM39 (if purchased with other items) this kimono-inspired dress is selling fast!
Hurry, grab yours today!
(Fashionology 123 is selling kimono-inspired dresses in many designs! Spoil yourself today by clicking here.) ;)
Brights are IN!
Start off the new year in college/uni with this pair of bright shorts from Exclusively Elegant!
In case you're wondering, this cool pair of pants flare like a skirt when worn!
It's the trend this season; every girl is wearing it!
Available at only RM40!
The pinafore is always sweet looking.
Also from Exclusively Elegant, this pinafore makes any girl look sweet.
At only RM35, it's a bargain!
Loving this frills top from Drestres!
It's something celebrities like Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn would wear!
Pair this up with a pair of tights and you're good to go!
Available at RM39!
Ooooh don't forget the essentials!
Loving this white one from 47 YKJ Boutique!
At RM50, it's so suitable for everyday college/uni use, can?
So classy too!
Ah, dressed up already?
Remember to smile and be friendly. Nobody likes mean people!

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